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"Crack team" of ex-soldiers...


Book Reviewer
They weren't sent to a maximum security stockade in 1973 were they?
Yep. They promptly escaped to the Basildon underground where they survive as the scourge of litter louts.

If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire The Maccy D's Double Cheeseburger Picker Up Team.
Litter patrol about the standard of 'crack expertise' they have Jock.... or just not a great lot to work with?
It varies to be honest.... They do have/get some good bods to work for them (on sub-contract basis) but they have about the lowest pay in the industry and a few other issues (in my opinion) which generally mean that the good ones wont stay with them long. So they tend to be left with what's left.

This should also be temprered with the fact that I didnt work within the security part of their firm directly, I was with a different 'department'.


Book Reviewer
you see your mistake is to take what you read in the mail as fact . when all it is aimed at are middle aged middle class Tory voters in the middle shires. " something must be done " makes a terrible stapline but an immigrant ate my pay packet is much more scaaary
Up here in the middle of bloody nowhere, we employ a couple of "enforcement officers" who between them have the military skills of a boll weevil.
They're paid half of f**k all but still get the job done.
Methinks Basildon's councillors are money wasting pillocks.

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