Crack addict gets legal aid to sue cops who shot him

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. A violent, crack-addicted burglar has reportedly been granted legal aid to sue police for £250,000 after he was accidentally shot whilst trying to run over an officer.

    Earl White, 30, was jailed for a minimum of three years for a series of violent robberies in upmarket areas of West London.

    He got away with tens of thousands of pounds worth of property, including jewellery, silverware, and a former soldier's war medals.

    Last December White was cornered by armed police whilst driving a stolen car.

    In a bid to escape he drove straight at one of the officers.

    The officer jumped clear but his gun went off, piercing the bodywork of the car and hitting White in the back.

    in full,,30100-13552625,00.html
  2. There you go, from a reliable source then huh?
  3. Nothing would surprise me anymore.

    I despair.
  4. Hey, it's Bliars 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime' Britain, so why should it surprise anyone.
  5. I note that the copper was cleared of any misconduct charges - nice comparison with Lee Clegg!

    oh, he "accidentally" fired did he?

    Has a police officer ever actually been disciplined for an ND?

  6. Well if Sky News says something in The Sun is true then it must be. :lol:
  7. I was under the impression the police are trained to 'shoot to kill'. They're not doing a very good job of it, are they. Maybe they should get the .50 cals out?
  8. A similar situation arose a few years ago. A convict was given legal aid to sue the police for shooting him. After his solicitor had referred the matter to a barrister together with another chunk of legal aid, the truth came out. The crim had been shot while committing an armed robbery at a post office. He was pointing his sawn off at one of the staff when the cops felled him.

    The police made a complaint to the law society about this and I believe the solicitor was struck off. Nonetheless I do get a bit confused about all this legal aid business. (But who doesn't get confused at my age).

    I thought 'no win no fee' lawyers were supposed to remove the need for legal aid in civil cases. Why can people like this still get legal aid to sue the government (i.e. us). Who decides and what criteria do they use?

    More to the point, why can't I get legal aid to sue for compensation every time I hear Tony saying "Tough on crime".

    Is it because I is white/middle class/never been in jail/don't live in a caravan/not an illegal immigrant?
  9. Where the hell is this guy coming from? He got shot while TRYING TO RUN OVER A POLICEMAN!!!
  10. Pity it wasn't the head!
  11. If he had been shot in the head, would his gypo/chav/junkie/mother of 3 now be weaping over a government funded tombstone whilst sorting her next fix out? Whilst some poxy solicitor planned to sue the honest cop for protecting a colleague and mate?

    When will this litigatious bo**oks end!!!!
  12. Was it an accident that the hyperlink under this story was "memorial for PC killed in Robbery".....or has a sudden whiff of real life infiltrated the news media.

    This message was brought courtesy of the police; between you and the underclass

  13. The only sanction I've heard of the police getting,who have an ND, is either 'words of advice or movement to other duties''.Not so long ago an armed policeman shot himself in the hand,in the Derbyshire force,while unloading his own weapon!