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Just checked The London Gazette, 25th July 2008, and there is a Wing Commander named there for a bar to his DFC. Not naming him here just yet in case it's not him.
Is this the 'Crabtastic' that posts on ARRSE? :?

If so I am amazed! I'll have to take back some stuff I said to him!

Congratulations Crabtastic! :!:

I thought he said he lived in the USA?


Good job that he is a Chinook driver - needs all the power and space to carry his nads of steel!

BZ to you, my hat is doffed!
Not that Crabtastic. Shows how little I read the forums since I didn't know it was in use as a nick. Simple minded little me thought that instead of a title reading Fantastic, Crabstastic would be better. Mea Culpa.
Hantslad said:
I know Crabtastic who posts on here. I can assure you he IS NOT the same bloke who won 3 DFCs!
ROTFL! :lol:

I'm relived to hear that!

Somehow, I just knew it couldn't be him, based on some of our 'chats' here! :roll: :wink:

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