CRABS - why so-called?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by foxhound_one_zero, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. hi

    didnt really know which forum to post this in, as none of them quite fitted the bill

    just wondering if anyone actually know why CRABs are called CRABs...

    no-one here seems to know, so i thought i'd throw it to the floor...
  2. I remember being told its because back in the good old days early aircraft flew slowly. On take off and landing the aircraft had to point into the wind, this meant the aircraft could appear to the observer as if it were flying sideways. hence Crab.

    I hope thats right 8O
  3. Because the old cream they used to use (don't know if it's still the same cream), when trying to get rid of crabs, was the same colour as their No2 dress uniform. At least, that's what I was told
  4. Wings on uniform look loke a Crab.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Because they walk sideways when there is any work to de done.

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  6. BLUE UNCTIONwas the substance in question.
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  7. BLUE UNCTIONwas the substance in question.
  8. Are you a Russian?
  9. I heard it was because crab-fat was used as some form of mechanical lubricant in eastern climes during the good old days. "Crab-fat" became "crab".
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  10. Nyet,Nyet,Nyet Tavarish PVRd. Ya ne Rooskye chelovek!
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Way back in the dark days they used to be known as the 'Brylcreem Boys.'

    That gopping, foul-smelling white grease bears some (small) resemblance to the mank that comes from the crustaceans when boiled - could this be a reason ?
  12. I was always given to understand that it is because there are so many of f**kers in a Station/Wing/Squadron HQ that they have to walk sideways to fit down the corridors.
  13. I was lead to believe that one of the colours of paint used on equipment was "Crab Fat Grey". Could be wrong though.
  14. Flying Felix's version of the origin of 'crabs' and 'crabfats' is the correct one, as far as I know, Crabfat Grey (also known as 'Pusser's Crabfat') was some sort of Admiralty paint being used by the RN for painting ships. The colour is similar to RAF Blue.
  15. Funny how these things evolve. Crab fat was light blue grease used on guns on HM ships years ago. Called crab fat or pusser's crabfat because it was similar in colour to the stuff medics painted on sufferers of crabs and had the consistency of fat. The similarly between the grease and the Czar of Russia's RAF blue was not lost on jolly jack - hence RAF = Crabfats.

    On the Brylcreem boy thing. Dates back to WW II when Brylcreem used a bloke in RAF uniform for their haircream adverts. Hence RAF = Brylcreem boys.