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Crabs strike again!!!



It always amused me to see Blobby dicking the quiche eaters for extras because he knew he'd get nothing but flak from Sumo.
You read too deeply into it..... Gazelle flight was only five steps from his office as opposed to the exausting and physically demanding 15 steps to the lard gangs office :D
cloudbuster said:
Nah, he lived in fear of us. .

Noooooo he lived in fear of getting to the pie counter after you lot


Well he wouldn't have been swift enough to get there before us, would he?

Sloppy Link

cloudbuster said:
SamCaine said:
I know of a number of pilots who have tried all sorts of things in their Lynx in the heat of the moment..........

Er, guilty as charged, m'lud. :oops:

Recall going into the well R850, started shutting down when one of our regular spots became available and was told to reposition. Once there went through the "twos forward, ones back routine" only to already was! D'Oh.


War Hero
Rheinstorff said:
SamCaine said:
Let's start pointing fingers, shall we? No Army pilot has EVER done anything like this, now have we? :sweatdrop:

Probably not; when was the last time the AAC operated an aircraft with 3 engines?

When a certain person lifted off with a bowser still attached!!
Lynx= 2 engines
Bowser= 1 engine
= 3 engines

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