Crabs slagging J/SNCO Rearcrew



I think you may have misunderstood the context of the underlined sentence. The poster has plenty of experience of how we operated DGs, and the shabby treatment they got at the hands of the Corps. Perhaps he was merely highlighting this?
Ralf said:
"AAC do not emply their gunners in anyway near the skill set of the RAF which is without doubt a waste of resource. The RM/Navy can forward a logical argument for their JNCO aircrew but they do not need Air Electronics Operators, Flight Engineers, or Loadmasters, and the RAF are not obliged to price match the lowest common denominator."

Cut 'N' Paste, Latest topic on Pprune.

In summary Crabs bashing on about J/SNCO aircrew.

Don't like the context of the underline sentence!
Dear Sir, please read the FULL sentence before paraphrasing it to suit your own ends.

Perhaps you should spend some time looking at your avatar?

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