Crabs new website.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ARRSE_3850, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. Flagged it up in NAAFI BAR some time ago, hoping to get some response. Result? Nada.
  2. Has anyone else been blocked from viewing this? Saw the forums this morning, but now I've just got "You do not have permission to access from this server".
  3. I think it only works Tues - Thurs 11 - 1500hrs if it's sunny and they can be arrsed
  4. LostBoss, You're wrong, there is no way that they would work till 1500, try 1300!
  5. For some strange reason, the crabs are reluctant to allow outsiders to offer advice or critisism. So ultimately, when they've finished patting themselves on the back for providing a wonderful service, or griping about the lack of posting opportunities, they'll resort to in-fighting and back-stabbing amongst themselves. That's when the site will get interesting!
  6. ..................................
  7. I logged on there web site , i stated that i was an arrse regular but wished them the best of luck and what do they do ? f@@king ban me . I went there with an open mind , i wished them luck thinking it would be somewhere to post the odd thing . No wonder the RAF are hated more than the RMP what a bunch of up there on arrse knobbers . They can shove there gay day sack, blue cagole, stupid shaped beret , inflated egos up the much f@@ked arrses .God i hate the arrogant t@@ts . Why are they so arrogant when only a few of them ever pass the ''FLOT'' . Wan@ers !!!!!!
  8. recce, before you go wading in, I think the site may be down at the moment. Even the crabs cant get in. Give it another 70 years and they may have their shite in one pile. :wink:
  9. Wot? Someone's got in an' hacked the server?

    Wouldn't be one of us, surely?
  10. Doubt it, the crabs are more than capable of fcuking themselves up without our help. :roll:
  11. Same this afternoon, either the site was down or its not DII- friendly!
  12. You aint that clever.
  13. Quite obviously, we don't need to be.:p
  14. They won't let me in either. Very exclusive club the RAF. they won't let just anybody in. What if you are a regular user of Arrse but a member of the junior service? presumably you would be banned, just for using this site.