crabs in maroon berets?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hairy_arrse04, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Whilst in Blandford naafi today I noticed 2 portly RAF sergeants wearing maroon berets, neither had thier wings but that didn't stop them wearing them in the "flat cap" fashion.

    anybody got any ideas?

    P.S. they definatley had RAF cap badges before anyone asks.
  2. Of course the easiest thing would have been to ask them, or was that too difficult ?
  3. Possibly Parachute Jump Instructors who form the Brigade Parachute Squadron for 16 AA Bde. All members of 16 AA Bde wear the maroon beret.
  4. Should'nt this have been posted in the Infantry Forum?
  5. saw them as well ....... and i was as confused as you dude
  6. They didnt when I was in pal. May of changed, or I may not of been paying them much attention.

  7. They most certainly do now.
  8. All except the 3 Army Air Corps Regiments :D
    Sorry just being pedantic :wink:
    Ill get my coat :oops:
  9. Women attached to 16AA Bde seem to wear them too. I've seen plenty of women and men all attached, no p coy wearing them.
  10. The party line is, it's a throw back to the early days when all air delivered troops wore maroon, Paras, GPR etc.
    So now troops delivered by SH are classed as air delivered, therefore the maroon (Royal Irish didn't).
    Those Para trained (i.e. P Coy wear the wings to show their achievement.
    Therefore the policy for all 16 AA Bde (male, female or other) is to wear maroon beret.
  11. You want to transfer to the Int Corp sherlock.......
  12. FAC's ??
  13. A lot of Rock Apes seem to like to wear their Berets in this fashion. Probably to show how "elite" they are. The_Guru could be right 16AA Tacp's are RAF so could have been one of them
  14. The RAF Regimet has a Sqn that is part og 16 AA Bde.
  15. Well if they are in 16 AA , whats the drama ? its only a beret . If they have completed p-coy and done the jumps course
    no worries .I know the RAF reg guys who are in the TACP wear maroon as well . It becomes a drama if they have there wings up
    without having completed P-coy and jumps surely .