Crabs fall at last fence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arkady, Apr 2, 2004.

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  1. On the way out to Kosovo with the SLE three weeks ago, we were all mightily impressed with the speed and efficiency of the Crab movers at Brize.
    The usual embug*erance was swept aside in a blinding display of professionalism and elan.
    Even the packed lunches on the C17 were way above average. Nods of approval all round, "they're not such bad blokes after all.." etc.
    Sad to say they reverted to type on our homeward trip.
    The baggage movers unloaded all the kit that had been put on at Banja Luka, then went to evening scoff for an hour, leaving all of us who had emplaned at Pristina hovering around watching a single item of unclaimed baggage go round the carousel and twiddling our thumbs.
    Looking out of the window at the apron, it was evident that no-one at all was working on any of the aircraft there and eventually one of the other passengers, a colonel went to do some finger-poking at the hapless corporal left at the desk.
    five minutes later our kit was off the aircraft.
    Seems they only do it when they want to, not when they need to...
  2. Not being one to defend bad purveyors of any trade, I'm not going to leap to the defence of the muppets in question. This is only because I don't know all the facts, their side, other tasks etc.

    Typical fcucking ditch-dweller reaction by Arkady. Boys do a good job one day - appear to do a bad one another, so slag them for it.

    I do agree that perception and the needs of the customer are VERY high - pride myself on keeping people informed when I am involved - but please don't bother with tossing off in public - get said senior officer to write to SAMO & get official line.

    Having spent much bar banter time with a few old & bold brown jobs, they eventually admitted that their own Unit & Army Mov Cons had screwed them more than the Crabs ever could.

    Revert to type? Infantry always turn up with illegal weapons, DAC in their pockets then behave badly & sh!t everywhere. :roll:
  3. You forgot to mention that they are also usually late....
  4. We are only late because crab air were still eating pies when we should have been on the move!
  5. Nope - you are late getting to the point where we are eating pies. You had to be gathered together, put into sh1te mass transit, fed terrible food (inc scrambled eggs POURED from a jug!), sat around, unable to buy porn, not allowed down town to rumble with the locals, then told to wait by the ARMY.

    Then - and only then - will we be allowed to fcuk you around properly - with minimum effort, style and charm. :wink:
  6. All the RAF I've worked with hate movers with a passion as well, which tells me all I need to know.
  7. And who were they then, Strange? Love to know. Don't really care (not being a Mover - I can't be - I just work very closely with some of them) just interested in who is stupid or blunt enough to hate 'em with a passion. Or did you meet a cadet who was not allowed a trip round the baggage carousel?
  8. I was f*cked around by the real and genuine crab air. First they were late back from the Falklands so we waited for them to arrive, then we were delayed because it was raining, then there was a thunder storm then they insisted in laying all our kit out on the runway in the p*ssing rain so they could check that we didn't have a single piece of hexi or more than one match between 16 of us (as if a plane full of avgas is not dangerous anyway). None of which were to do with the army and clearly were not unusual occurances for the crabs...... I rest my case.
  9. A bit disingenuous Mr Hinecap, you almost got a bite there - any thing of substance to back that up or is it just an opinion ???
  10. The RAF I've worked with ? Normal people really, who don't like being messed around by some sprogs with an armband, no common sense and an overinflated sense of their own importance. They didn't strike me as people who didn't understand or care about flight safety - in truth they probably understand it better than the people they complained about.

    And while we're on the subject could anyone explain why crab air are stricter than civvy airlines on what you can carry ? Or are RAF transport aircraft inherently more dangerous ?
  11. how about this for bizarre behaviour banning shaving kit form hand luggage as troops might try to cut the control wires with there razors :roll:
    exactly how many raving Taliban have joined the stabs
  12. All very interesting. I used to think dark and evil thoughts about RAF movers, until the time came to return from Op TELIC. Although I had full visibility of where my blokes were at all times, as soon as they entered the hands of the Army movers in Kuwait, I lost them. I would be allocated a number of seats, detail the blokes, get them to the MCCP, and then ring the boss back home and let him know how many were coming back etc. The Army movers would then arbitarily slice 10% from the manifest 'in case we get single runners and late reporters' (I think he meant senior officers), but wouldn't let me know that I now had a load of my blokes still sitting in the MCCP! Until I found out (one of the other officers tabbed from the MCCP to let me know the score) I couldn't work out why my outload figures didn't match the arrival inload figures.

    Once we had negotiated the Army movers, the RAF were fine, and delivered us home in some style.

    Cheers! :D
  13. A disgraceful state of affairs, if only because you weren't told what was happening to your men. Priority for movement is not decided by the guy at the airhead and is not really decided by any mover (Army or RAF) - the Theatre Commander decides who gets priority for any seats on board the aircraft (and if there isn't a Theatre Commander, it gets given to the Air attache at the relevent embassy). As far as the RAF are concerned, the transop says so many pax Op Telic and that's all that interests them, they'll fill the rest by themselves. If your guys were bumped, then someone pretty senior decided it was to be so - but it doesn't excuse you not being told what was going on.
  14. I don't understand your first paragraph, but to answer your 2nd, they generally aren't any stricter, they both operate to the same rules, it's just the forces tend to enforce rules and civies don't (unless forced to).
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Or more to the point Crab Air operate exactly how the civvy airlines do......they all just make up their own rules when they want to.