Crabs drop the ball ( missile ) again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wheelchairwarrier, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Suprised they managed to hit the tarmac!
  2. Talk about a non story .. how about the Army version .. "Soldier drops Rifle"

    As an ex crab I am getting a bit disillusioned at the diminishing standard in crab bashing on here.

    The sound of that barrell being scraped is really getting to my fillings.
  3. once a crustacian always a crustacian
    cheers now back into your shell
  4. Good Shot, Sir! :D

  5. Or the even more regular political version: "Minister drops boll0ck"
  6. was only Scotland, no great loss :D
  7. Well don't come on then :D

    It is the ARMY rumour service :roll:
  8. 'sigh' today a brimstone, tomorrow a samsonite.....

  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Whoopdee doo! So a weapon adaptor & a couple of practice Brimstone missiles fell off while weapon loading,As a ex-Tornado weapon engineer I've loaded shed loads of drill & live stuff on the fin,Sh1te,at Bruggen while moving 1000Lb bombs from a S Type bomb trolley,the Wendy loader ftipped over & the bomb fell off!No dramas....Must've been a slowwwww news day!
  10. Yeah, only Beadle died, Shell get record profits, Afgan bloke gets killed by suicide bomber, but we'd much rather hear about this :D
  11. An absolute non event. I was a Fleet Air Arm armourer and was involved in worse. Yes it does need investigating to check what went wrong but to wind up in a newspaper. What a waste of news space. Be better if they spent time investigating their local MP.
    Next thing that be reporting about a serviceman that has caught the clap.
    (Good thing about the RN is that the clap and crabs are an occupational hazard)
  12. Ah but this is the Press & Journal, the day the Titanic went down allegedly the head line read " Turriff man lost at sea "
    The thing I wonder about is , why was it reported to the press in the first place and by whom ? as spike rightly says "Whoopdee doo"
    still it adds flavour to the chips
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    RAF Lossiemouth is visited by numerous plane spotters daily & some of the HAS's are visible from the perimiter so I reckon it could have been one of them.
    Oh,was it cod or haddock you had WW?
  14. I didnt realise that joe public, and agents of foreign powers were able to eyeball this sport of thing .

    Haddock, I decided against the traditional deep fried mars bar !