Crab's design their own watch



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And it still has a plastic strap at that price?? Still, I suppose it keeps in with the nature of the nylon uniform ;-)
I'm surprised that they've gone for a mechanical watch, especially using the hands to indicate temperature and so on. A digital display with an infinitely dimmable backlight would surely have been a better option so that the primary function of the wrist device (I'm avoiding using the term watch as that would infer that the primary function has to be time) can take centre stage while any or all of it's other functions could also be displayed.

Temperature function? Does it come with a wireless sensor? If not, in common with all other temperature indicating watches, what's displayed will be somewhere between body temperature and ambient. In other words, you could guess it equally accurately.

For timing bombing runs and flight times? How much did the avionics cost? Is there no clock on the HUD and no flight recorder?

They've brought in the subject of escape. Wouldn't that be the situation where a compass would be a valuable asset?

If they've canvassed several pilots, did none of them come up with the idea of a contactless payment system so that if they have to eject, they'll at least be able to book a room at a decent hotel?
Mark my words, there's going to be a spate of air crash investigations that cite the cause of flying into a mountain as "continuing on a roughly north easterly course for a period of 13.7 degrees celsius".
Pilots are already wired with contactless payment barclaycard thingies under their skin for such occurences, needed or decided upon. What is the point of putting it in a watch FFS?


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Apparently the dates set permanently to Sept 1940.
Tally ho Ginger (can one say that these days?), chocks away and lets get Jerry with the sun in his eyes!


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Tsk..they shouldn't be wearing their own watches whilst acting as crew anyway.
In case they lose them and put in a claim for "another new Breitling" ?
G-Shock. It's guaranteed to survive a free-fall drop from 30,000ft. If it doesn't, the wearer can exchange it.
Does it do vertical take off?

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