Crabs and weapons

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabtastic, Oct 8, 2005.

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  1. I'm about to rat on my own kind, but in my defence, the debate (and it is a debate) they are having over at Pprune is too retarded for words.

    They are currently 'debating' the drills for NSPs such as 'make safe'. 8O There's a committee of about five of them that are trying to hammer out the correct drill between them. I particularly liked the post on page 1:

    FFS, 14yr old air cadets know better than this. Glad to see that the Rocks are still doing sterling service in their role of ground defence training for other trades and branches.
  2. It's easy. Arm all RAF ground personnel with airsoft weapons and a selection of realistic-looking foam swords/ battle axes/ maces. Nobody gets hurt and the crabs have lots of fun looking hard. The pilots are allowed sawn-off shotguns. Those are pretty easy to use.

    I'd allow the Rocks slings, crossbows and maybe some compound bows mounted on their landies. Chainmail and silly viking helmets would be compulsory.

  3. What's so complicated with the 'malesafe'? It's just a complete 'unload' followed by a coplete 'load'. No cheeky short cuts, no twiddly bits and no secrets. If you are allowed to touch a weapon you should at leas know the 'load' and 'unload' so the 'makesafe' is not rocket science is it?.
  4. personally I would'nt let them have any bbs though they can hurt
  5. One quick caveat regarding my earlier statement. Although a 14yr old spacey would know better than these clowns, there's a very good chance that a 14yr old spacey gets to go on the range a lot more often.
  6. Don't the RAF do GDT training every 3 months anymore ?

    When I was in blue we were on the range 3 times a year and our WHT had to be spot on

    I still remember having to do two lots of WHT , one for the SLR and one for the SA80 , we were guarding two sites and only had enough shooty bang sticks for the top site !!
  7. RAF do common core skills (tick tests which you can memorise, NBC, First Aid and a SAT shoot) once a year, and a pre-deployment package of 10 days or so. So those who go away frequently on the Queen's business hsould be reasonably proficient but there will be a lot out there who haven't a clue...particularly at a large headquarters in Buckinghamshire where they are too busy and important to play guns!
  8. Feck, they are allowed gats as well... give them "action man gats" , safe bet!
  9. mind you I ran into sigs types who openly said they were nervous around guns with live rounds!
  10. The people on PPrune are talking b*llocks (again). The weapons drills taught by the RAF Regt during CCS are exactly the same as those taught to everyone else in the UK military.
  11. You'd hope so wouldn't you? After all, the drills are for the weapons, not tailored for the weapon carrier's employment!!
  12. Evidently these gentlemen weren't paying very much attention at the time.

    EDIT. Just been back there, it appears to be on the cusp of degenerating into yet another "Movers are cnuts" thread. :D
  13. Indeed. They were probably too busy posing in their growbags to pay attention to such things as correct weapon handling drills. :roll:
  14. It is amazing, that when you consider how professional air crew in the Crabs are supposed to be, how un-professional they are at everthing they do outside the cockpit. It also has to be noted that we only really have their word that they are being professional inside the cockpit!

    They are supposed to be able to handle an inflight emergency, possibly at low altitude with a lot of things to check and drills to follow in a short space of time on a very complicated combination of systems that constitute a modern aircraft.. Why can't they handle very simple drills on something of very dated mechanical technology when at the end of the day, it can be just as deadly if not done correctly as their big plane? :roll:
  15. I take some of that back. After all have you seen how professional they can be when using that 'issue gold card' on a stop-over? Yes, exactly.