Crabs and Public Duties

I'll post this in here because I know it'll only go down hill. Have bog standard RAF REGT SQNS ever done public duties, or is that only reserved for the Queen's Colour Squadron? The reason I ask is that there is a bloke at work (ex Rockape) who claims to have stagged on at Clarance House and then been invited inside to have tea and toast with the Queen Mum!!! I nearly fell off my forklift when he said that. He's mentioned a few times what SQN he was with, and it wasn't the Colour SQN.
Nice to see the RAF are still pushing H+S nazi as been the best job in the world, Im sure the resettlement officers get a back hander for that one.
Oh cool, a pissing contest as to claims of stagging on outside a posh ladies house. OP, I'm hoping you can claim bragging rights here because they're really fucking major ones, you'll be dining out on this for years to come.
Pick on a roackape day I see, despite the second poster talking shite.

"The Queen’s Colour Squadron (QCS) is an RAF Regiment unit acting as the custodian of the Queen’s Colour for the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom. The Squadron is responsible for all security and care of the colour and provides the Escort Squadron whenever it is paraded. The Squadron is unique within the Royal Air Force Regiment in that it has a dual role and holds the Squadron number of 63 Squadron RAF Regiment and fulfils both ceremonial and operational Field Squadron roles.

The Queen’s Colour Squadron regularly forms the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace and other Royal residences. Other important Duties such as repatriation and military tattoos feature heavily in the QCS programme. "

Don't let facts get in the way ;)


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I will never forget my time commanding the guard at Clarence House. It was 1am and I was doing rounds when I heard a quiet voice calling me from a small side entrance. I turned and there she was, Diana, Princess of my heart, wearing little but a sheer nightdress, summoning me with a crook of her elegant finger. I followed, slightly dazed, into the small ante room beyond.
The harsh light within revealed the fragile cloth clinging to her body, following her every curve. The disarray of her hair told me she had been asleep and the way it tumbled round her face gave her a vulnerable and gentle beauty. And then she turned and uttered the words that would change my life; words that I would never forget:

"Tell that useless cunt outside to stop stamping his fucking feet. I'm trying to get some fucking sleep here. If I hear it again I'll fucking break you. Now, piss off" And with that, she was gone.

Glory days, eh?
I thought forklifst had a big two prongs not a big three.

Anyway, if I was a foreigner (thank feck I'm not) I'd feel mighty ripped off to see a bunch of blokes in car park attendants' outfits doing the changing of the guard rather than proper soldiers. Presume they have a special Squadron to do it as the gates at Buck House swing back & forth rather than up & down so it needs extra training :wink:
The fact that a former "proper soldier" (however you define that) is here bemoaning his H+S themed bollockings in his local B+Q at the hands of a former airman forklift driving safety nazi says all I need to know about how great a life in an infantry unit is at setting you up for civvy street.

Even the impressive mention of "stagging on at posh ladies house" on the CV wasn't a key enough skill to end up with a better gig than "one down from a rockape at B+Q".

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