Crabbys fanny magnet for sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by crabby, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Do you have a pipe and slippers? Do you have a tartan rug?

    I am selling my car and I assure you that this car will help you pull. She may be the "blue rinse brigade", she may have no teeth, but what does that matter?

    In all seriousness I am selling my car. It's on Ebay. It's in pretty good nick. Despite being an old man's car it's a really decent drive and reasonably quick. I average about 35-37mpg, that's not driving slowly, but I definitely don't rag it everywhere.

    Any interest?

  2. a bag of sand for a car thats 9 years old and SORN

    tell me where do you buy your drugs from?
  3. It's been SORN for 2 days. I used it right up until 31/07/09. I now have other cars to use.
  4. Oh and it's a Honda with pretty much full service history. Go look at the market rate for these - they're not Vectras, they're actually worth something.

    £1100 is the buy it now - it's an auction, you might get it for less.
  5. Admire your spirit old boy.
  6. Wouldn't the govt scrappage scheme earn you more?
  7. It's not old enough for the scrappage scheme, by 2 1/2 months. Also I'm leaving the country - therefore I don't need a new car over here!

    For £1100 it'll be taxed for 6 months. The reserve is set much lower than the buyitnow price though.
  8. £501?
  9. Ugh! Jap crap! :x 10 years old too! :x Might be worth a $4500 credit if you want to buy a new car in the U.S. but you'd better hurry because the incompetent Democrats underfunded the scrappage program and it's likely to run out of money in a week. :roll:
  10. Yes, all those Japanese car manufacturers that didn't go into administration like GM and Chrysler :roll:

    A car that starts every single time, that's never broken down on me. No rattles from the dashboard. It doesn't fall off the road when it reaches a corner.

    I'm sorry, I should have remembered to buy American and thrown all my money away on an over-priced, undertalented car with interior plastics from a wheelebin.

    Are you Northern or Southern US? Over here 10 years is nothing for a well maintained car - I know if you're in Northern US and Canada then within 10 years the rust has eaten your entire car (whatever make it is)