CRAB results - any int?

Discussion in 'REME' started by animalfromthemuppets, May 11, 2006.

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  1. CRAB due out today at 1800Z, anyone seen anything? How many LEs? Who got the good jobs?
  2. 5 LE's... surprised me, I was under the impression that the old and bold weren't getting a look-in this year.
  3. Quality will out.... :lol:

  4. CRAB???
  5. So, there were a few LEs, and some good choices of LEs too. Can only speak for those who I knew were going from the GE Bns, but those who got a LAD def deserved one, and many who didn't had only done a year or two post commissioning anyway.

    A few shockers for the DEs mind!! Get out a 'back stabber's guide' and when you take out those who already have LADs, and those who got one this year, there are quite a few gaps. There will be a few fake smiles over champagne, and whatever Op Tour beverages people are using to celebrate, especially at the Bn in the sand..

    The legacy of the crazy CO still goes on; more careers in tatters..

    Next year is going to be even worse!!
  6. Happy days for 4 out of the 5. However 1 of them is a real shock. All that kissing must be working a treat.
    Some very dissappointed teddies out there who took sh1t jobs to fill the year on the advice of them at MCM Div who now have to stay put. Never mind its been on the cards for a while. Too many LE's getting command can't be good for the thrusters.

    Time to start looking at new careers me thinks.
  7. Massive, is the one real shock a certain 'bald' individual, who was a shock for many on being commissioned in the first place? If so then I and many, many others concur!
  8. Wow sabatouer, who could you possibly mean? Lets try to me a little bit more covert if you are planning to character assassinate. Especially as its easy to hide behind a pseudonym.
  9. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    T shock maybe
  10. Its easy to hide behind pseudonyms aint it Sabatouer, wonder if you tell baldy that to his face?
    Not saying I'd agree or disagree with you but don't think this forum is the place to air your (not very brave) views.
    I have my CBA on and await the incoming!
  11. I told the individual over a pintwhen he first commissioned and he didn't like it then. Bravery had nothing to do with it!