Crab officers and tendancy to wear grow bags

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Crab_Cadet, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. Why oh Why do RAF aircrew insist on wearing flying gear when being interviewed for documentarys etc.

    It seems they are the only ones who do it as Naval aircrew seem to dress up in Shirt and tie for interviews.
  2. Cause they are CUNTZ.
  3. It's simply because the RAF have got lower standards than the other two Services.

    Wear tracksuits in a SNCO's mess in a Naval or Army environment-your feet will not touch the ground on your way out the mess.

    Wear tracksuits in an RAF SNCO's mess? Not a problem......
  4. I find it more funny that all the movers I see wear C95 oh that and talking to a rockape this weekend he considers the RAF regiment within the three elite services of the Paras and Royal Marines! Hahah haah.
  5. Ooh! Can I bite?

    Crab_Cadet? The ATC's version of 5.56mm, are we? (Or are you a member of Cnuts Can't Fly?) Interesting. By all means feel free to raise this point the next time you're on an AEF, VGS or Station visit/annual Camp and see how much you impress people. You might get a giggle from the blunties, but be warned that you'll get an altogether different reaction from anyone who matters.

    Now, as to your question:

    Utter Boll0cks, young man. I can't think of a single interview where aircrew on a Sqn have been interviewed on location wearing anything else- be they Matelot, Pongo or Crab. I would refer you to the recent documentary on the Penlee lifeboat disaster. The RN aircrew still serving were interviewed in the hangar at Culdrose, in aircrew coveralls. You wouldn't see a SHAR mate in anything else- beards and all (scruffy cnuts) and IIRC, half an Apache Sqn were seen big-timing it around the Top Gear studio too.

    In all seriousness, there is an ongoing argument within the RAF, between blunties and aircrew over the issue of the wearing of coveralls around the station. Coveralls, both aircrew and groundcrew, are technically considered protective clothing, not working dress and thus should be removed when outside the working areas. But when you're at a place where the Staish is aircrew, each flying Sqn OC is aircrew and OC Ops Wg is aircrew (that leaves OC Admin and OC Eng Wgs as the only three-stripers- and nobody really listens to them unless it involves leave, a F1771 or a fatigue meter), not to mention that 99% of Their Airships were aircrew, then you won't be surprised when there's one rule for the master race and another for everyone else. Indeed, if you see someone under the age of 30 wearing blues and a brevet, you can reasonably expect him to be on his way to/from doing the Axminster Shuffle in front of somebody's desk.

    Now then, if you want to talk about why you would need to issue growbags to the sexually ambiguous boys and girls who hand out the little white horror boxes and cartons of Um Bongo aboard the Vickers Funbus and the dim-witted cousins of Gatwick baggage handlers, I'll happily join in.
  6. Air stewards in grow bags whose idea was that ?Getting on a vc10 was a pleaseant surprise, well I thought i was going by hercules(and am easily pleased :D ),but,hard not to laugh hope they didn't chose to wear growbags.
    My wife friend joined crab air to be a steward but quit in floods of tears
    when they tried to make her use an smg.Laughter is not the apprioriate response to this story so the missus tells me :D
  7. Female Raf officers + grow bags?
  8. As a RLC Maj said on his Dining Out at Lyneham some time ago:

    'A word of advice gentlemen, if you weigh more than 12 stone, you look awful in your flying suit.'

    Unfortunately this applies to most of our aircrew :twisted:. I have no issue with wearing growbags around the place, but not in the mess and not, if it can be avoided, in public. Our Stn Cdr only wears it when he's flying, as does OC Ops which is the way it should be done IMHO.
  9. Absolutely crabtastic, I was bored, I angled, you bit! :D

    Hopefully not like 5.56, as I'm a little older than him (I say a little :twisted: ) Yes I am ATC, but soon leaving to join RN.

    No no, your totally correct. I was twisting the truth.
  10. Err no, not twisting it anymore.

    There was doc on about the Red Arrows last week, and the Arrows CO was interviewing potential recruits to the team. they wore SD caps and growbags. Now I'm not a stickler for dress codes and prefer practicality to parade ground bollux, but they looked absolutely fcuking awful. I wouldnt have noticed if they had just kept the hat off and went in bare-headed.
  11. Thats a shame. If she'd stuck it out, in a few months she would probably have happily machine gunned rows A to F with a Gimpy on some trooping flights!