crab officer

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by ninjascaley, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. A crab officer drives onto an army base, drives past a squaddie but isn't saluted. Officer stops and says to the squaddie: "Don't you salute RAF officers in the army" to which the squaddie :)?)replies "we don't have any RAF officers in the army."
  2. Not far from the truth! like!
  3. paddy and mick going along the countryside in a car paddy spots a penguin walking along the middle of the road and replies mick! mick! look at that penguin walking along the middle of the road.
    mick replys cor! cor! so it is mick replys paddy! paddy! do you think we should take it back to the zoo paddy replys ok.
    they arrive at the zoo paddy hands mick a tenner and says to mick i will pick you up in half an hour
    half an hour later mick is comming back out with the penguin paddy asks mick! mick! why are you comming back out with the penguin agin
    mick answers back still have a fiver left i taking it to the pictures