Crab lineys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by walt_of_the_walts, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Members of a military organisation? Yes of course

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  2. Actually, more so than you.
  3. During GW1 there was a letter in the RAF News from some SWO in the UK complaining that the lads photoed prepping a Tornado looked like a bunch of pirates, where was their military pride etc? - it was followed up by letter from an old boy who'd been OC Eng for one of the Desert Airforce squadrons during WW2, he said back then he didn't give a toss what 'his boys' looked like as long as they got the job done - and they inevitably did. Som people confuse 'looking military' with 'doing the job'
  4. Looks like a fine body of Airmen wearing issue kit in the way that only lineys can...totally adapted and almost but not quite totally different from the way it was when issued from the duvet consultants storage area. At least they look uniform from a distance...two or three miles perhaps?

    Crack on guys!
  5. Why did a tune by the Village People pop into my head when I saw that pic..?
  6. At least they are on ops you civilian trombone playing bottom toucher.

    They may only be crabs but at least they are in HM Forces and on tour.

    Are you/have you?

    If the answer is no to both of those; fuck off civvy.
  7. I think they look pretty good... matching T-Shirts and all that.

    Should have seen us on 56 Sqn in Cyprus back in the stone ages... Never seen so many ways of wearing KD shorts in such an unmilitary fashion ! :) In fact, from memory, as soon as we got to work, the typical dress was bondu boots, KD shorts and that's it... Oh, and lots of Hawian tropic :)

  8. As long as they keep turning the jets, who cares.

    Anyone ever got the hump with a gun crew dressed in speedos and shades while getting the rounds down................... thought not.
  9. Because you are gay perhaps? :D
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I take it you've loaded bomb's n bullets on a Tornado then?
    Thought not.
    C*ck. :roll:

    JP233 Loading Op Granby.

  11. They look imaculate-- for lineys, obviously a posed photo. I have seen lineys, mostly on detachment who looked a lot worse, but the pilots did not complain, neither did the Squadron Commander, because the lineys got the job done.

    TLF, you certainly have a way with words! :wink:
  12. The chap on the left looks like his keks are falling down and he's wearing a thong backwards !!
  13. I'm obliged. Cnut :)
  14. Walt-of-the-Walts,

    Looking more camp than a boy scout jamboree....................Yes
    A source of derision and fun-poking.....................................Yes
    Proving that making shorts look good is a real challenge........Yes

    Military personel on operations........Undoubtedly
    More worthwhile than you.......have a good think about it. :x