Crab Humour

I upset some of our Crab brethren recently by inferring that RAF manliness was not so great as that found in the Army and Navy. I can't help myself, they're just so easy to bait, but they DO have a sense of humour. I know because I saw it in Belize in '87. Some of you might also recall what I'm on about.

As the air trooper landed, there on a hummock amongst the razor wire, sandbags and wriggly tin at the edge of the runway, was an assortment of personnel in various states of military attire, with some plastic chairs in the centre of them and a bloke stood on each one, holding up a big fluorescent orange letter which collectively spelt out the word "CRAP".

I took that to be a comment on Belize, but as the aircraft swung around and we taxied back up to the terminal, the word had been changed to "MAGIC."

This I learned was the Butcher Radar Site staff marking the pilot's final approach and recognizing his acknowledgement of his award by elevating it. The results were, I believe, signalled back to the Squadron in the UK to go on a display board somewhere. It was all good fun.

Then, one day, the new and not very popular Squadron Leader flew in, unaware of the wheeze. He was marked CRAP and then downgraded to SUPERCRAP for his failure to acknowledge his award. In the Officer's mess that lunchtime, he whinged to the Air Commodore about the poor impression of the service which was being set by the Radar staff. The AC, unaware of your man's ignorance regarding the scoring competition, retorted "Well, they mark every trooper that comes in and have done for some time, and if they said your landing was crap, it WAS crap!"

By the way lads, if you ever wondered about the duff aircon unit that was delivered whilst the aircrew overnight accomodation was being built - it was one which we swapped with yours. overnight. Many thanks :p
About 1980 in Jever I saw an even more down to earth appraisal of pilots performance. The Lineys all lined up next to the taxi way and facing the aircraft, on command dropped their trousers about turned and collectively mooned the offending aircraft/aircrew.

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