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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thickasabrick, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone out there got any information regarding the issue of male cardigans to the RAF? the WAAF's get issued a RAF blue maternity cardigan when babied up, but due to the gradually ageing RAF male population and their tendency for middle aged spread some have requested the issue of said cardigans under sexual equality. Is someone pulling my plonker or is this true? And if so do you think members of the British forces will be as intimidating in cardigans?? Opinions please.
  2. The cardigan angle should definitely be explored in relation to those requiring liposuction in the upper echelons of cardiologically challenged senior ranks in the RAF. My thoughts are that there may be some scope in developing the G suit so that, when the girth or other physiological marker reaches to a critical point, then the G suit inflates in the abdominal region to squeeze excess adipose tissue to other less visible areas of the body. Special dispensation could be given to those who have 'a genetic problem'. Perhaps the G suit could be produced in a cardigan styleee so that the wearer could be comfortable with their fatness in a middle aged spread kind of way.
  3. Infiltrator looks like an aging airman should look. I think the cardigan for him would be an excellent idea. With a pocket on each front located under the gut to place your baccy tin and pipe into. The de riguer white silk cravat with a rondel in the middle, jaunty angled chip bag hat and scouse perm would top it off nicely. Nickname tags on the left breast with "Binky" "Fredders" "Biffer" and "Strangely Brown" to aid recognition when chatting over a pint of Old Mother Moorhens Speckled Hen on the dispersal would bring it home. All sat waiting for the telephone to shrilly ring and as they all bolt out of the door and sprint down the taxiway to get to the Mally Wagon first.

    Tally Ball Ho and chocks away !
  4. Hang on a moment.......

    I think that we could be on to something here. The benefit of cardigans should not be overlooked so lightly.

    Yes, us Crabs are an ageing population, but with age comes wisdom, charm and grace. Our style may be of our own making, but we like it.

    Pullovers are somewhat clumsy and can be undignified to take of when in the company of others, and shirt sleeves can be uncouth. The issue of a cardigan would assist those of us with the beginnings of mobility issues and would certainly allow us to take them on and off with style and the aforementioned grace.

    I think though, that some members of this forum have an outdated view of the Royal Air Force, we no longer run to the dispersal, we are driven in air conditoned vehicles, just in case it's a little too warm and we have to take our cardies off!
  5. Can't wait to get mine, it'll look great in the mess for a couple of lantern swinging sessions.

    Hopefully it wont be too military looking (like the rest of our blues), and can be utilised at weekends and when I'm on leave.

    Off to stores to get measured up now, hurrah :roll:
  6. See....stylish and practical....what more could any upstanding SNCO need?
  7. Absolutely they should be issued, after all it was invented by and named after that splendid military chap, Lord Cardigan. We should reclaim the cardy for the Army!
  8. I think you will find that such a refined garment should only be worn in the RAF SNCOs' messes up and down the country.

    We have first dibs on the slendid woolen/polyester apperel, and Air Force Blue is the only colour it should be issued in.

    An olive green version would not be the done thing old boy.
  9. I am not impressed!

    I popped into stores (just before lunch - on my way home, it's Friday FFS) to get a fitting of said garment, and I found that:

    a) The pockets are not large enough to fit both hands/pipe.

    b) The gut area of garment has not elasticated -(not a good move, considering the girth of the majority of the SNCOs in the RAF)

    c) There are no velcro straps to hold the colostomy bag in place (a high proportion of SNCOs need these things) on the inside of the cardigan.

    I therefore conclue that the RAF cardigan is 'utterly utterly useless'
  10. Now that was funny!!!
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    When I joined the RAF they were getting rid of the round neck pullover & bringing in the V neck one.Now being a techie,wearing a shirt & tie was'nt practicle,ok if you're a desk bound shiny stuck in a office whereas we wore a dark blue shirt,same as the Navy did.
    Some toss pot decided that we could'nt wear the dark shirts with the V neck so we'd have to wear a shirt & tie to the squadron & then get changed into the dark shirt under the overalls.
    Cue lots of techies thruout the land,refusing to give up the treasured round neck jumper & Silvermans making a bloody fortune of those who were'nt issued a old style!
    Cardigans?? They're for grandads & sad gits who smoke a pipe!
  12. Off this subject slightly. Can someone tell me what a wedgewood is??? I assume a coat/jumper/shirt.
  13. Wedgewood is a good old fashioned workshirt that us techies used to wear.

    The real ones didn't need ironing, we used to just hang them up straight from the washer, and jobs a good un.

    Wouldn't like correct with a cardigan, though.
  14. This makes sense to me now. Cheers!