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Discussion in 'REME' started by chez74, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. anyone know what date the board sits next month?

  2. 9 May.

    Expect results out the following week.
  3. Are the results published on armynet?
  4. Should be on ArmyNet, or hopefully if you're on the board, the results should get to you via the CofC (was going to write CoC there.....)
  5. spoke to audrey @ mcm (you know, who runs the officer wing) yesterday and she was putting the score sheets together. basically its the desk officers last day in work on friday the 11th so the results will be out that day, via CoC....
    They plug everyone into a spot on the board day (ie Weds) and it takes the next day to get it ratifeid by DEME(A) then it will be out to the COs by email soonest...
  6. Well it's out....
    Watch out for some very disappointed people, what with only the top third getting a look. So if you're in a unit with more that three on the board you know what that means....
  7. Animal is correct. Results were out 0900hrs today Fri.
  8. Does anyone know where we can find the results? Cheers for all your help guys. Other half is in Iraq and was on the board.
  9. You could try armynet, however more likely the chief clerks intray. No real surprises, however a certain LE has done really well.