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we have a dearth of crab apples near me so as change from making jelly as I havent finished last years yet I decided to have a go at pop bottle wine making. something we did in a weak form in 4th year chemistry so how hard could it be.

boiled and strained the apples to get a decent amount of clear juice, sweetened it a bit with some of last years jelly stuck in 2l pop bottles with a pull up sports type cap for the gas but could have used a balloon. added a very small amount of bread yeast as I have a load and put it somewhere warm. like the windowsill.

4 days later I have sweet alcoholic pleasant orange cider for want of a better word which is fizzing like crazy and needs regular gas releases every few hours. if it gets to the wine stage I will be impressed with myself but I think I will be making a lot of sterilised juice to make use of the apple bounty and a shit load of pop bottles. round here theres lots of pears as well so I can make a simple perry or maybe even rhubarb.

not sure on the time scale for cider type stufff but I know commercial stuff is a 4 day bubble and they reckon 10 days for wine then you can bottle it and let it sort itself out for a month or so.

certainly worth a try for a super cheap get pissed at home type affair but I'll still have to buy the pink wine for her which is fine as I can reuse the screw cap bottles.

competition for this years sloe gin I reckon :)

reading up as it seems to a be a popular thing on american sites I reckon you could also use it to make a clear alcohol with just yeast, sugar and water then flavour it with screech to make sangar jack!

no doubt the wine purists will have a go but I reckon its a laugh and worth doing just to prove it can be done :)
Bread yeast generally karks it when the alcohol content gets too high. Try a champagne yeast (used for ciders) as it's pretty omnivorous and will turn just about any sugars available into alcohol. Local homebrew place should have it. It can be pricey but there are ways to recycle it for the next batch or just pass it along to the next bloke doing a brew.
I do that over here with blackberries and other fruit. As you say it's a good way to produce large quantities of cheapo booze and have fun while you do it. Loads of sites on t'interweb for advice.
Needs about a month to settle I find and I prefer plastic barrels.

Watch out with the fizzy stuff and leave plenty of space in the bottles. I had to defuse a whole batch of nettle beer when the señora rang me up at work to say that they were exploding all over the place. Great fun, broken glass and boooze all over, bit like a Naafi on a saturday night.

the important thing is to have fun and getted pissed on the cheap at home. Enjoy.
Try This One:Grantham Gingerbread

Grantham is famous for it’s Gingerbread, which is quite unlike other gingerbreads. It is said that gingerbread originated in the town in 1740. Also that the unique character of Grantham gingerbread was the result of a mistake by a man called William Egglestone who accidentally put some of the wrong ingredients into the cake he was baking at his Grantham home. This accident created Grantham gingerbread.

Although well known, the Grantham gingerbread is not celebrated in the town by local shops, restaurants and cafes. In fact it is not produced commercially. The main reference to it locally is now as the nickname of Grantham Town Football Club.

Grantham gingerbread is unique in the fact that it is white, because it does not have black treacle (molasses) in it. Also it is creamier than normal gingerbread.

Here is the magic recipe for Grantham gingerbread


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1 tablespoon of ground ginger,

a little bit of baking powder,

8 tablespoons of butter,

1 egg.


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After this, add the flour, baking powder and ginger.
Whip the egg white and fold it to the mixture,
Bake on grease paper in a moderate oven 150od/c325of/ gas mark 5 for 30 – 40 mins, but keep pale in colour.
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