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Having had the misfortune of being the Unit Sergeant Major of a Tri-Service establishment many years ago (FI) the arguments about SSGT and F/SGT were raging then. The bottom line in those days was to ensure that the F/SGT did his duties as the Orderly Sgt. That usually put them in their place.

For what it's worth, after 6 months I realised that in the Army, an order is an instruction to get on with the job, in the RAF it was considered as an invitation to sit down and discuss the matter and the Royal Navy "...a what?".

Soldier on guys, you're all doing a tremendous job, the backbiting from the RAF just reinforces their inferiority complex.

PS (Totally off topic) Does anyone know which unit took on the role of 3 Squadron, 7th Signal Regiment? It gets a bit complicated as 3 Sqn were renamed to 4 Sqn around 1982. The role was Main (and Stepup) for HQ 1 (BR) Corps. Grateful for any info as I am membership sec for ex 3 Sqn 7 Sig Regt.
crabs will never change

when i was at 7 (90-94 pre Krefeld)
3 sqn was a radio sqn and 4 was ptarmigan doing both step up and main
when sqns renumbered to 231 etc radio was plit between 231 (old 3sqn) and 232 (old 5sqn) and 5 lost its armour
not sure how it works these days
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