Crab air picture - i would crap my pants

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. Serves them right for using own brand black'n'nasty.
  2. I hust shat meself
  3. Defence cuts???
  4. I feel sorry for the maintenance engineer who was working on the engine about 2 seconds before the picture was taken. 8O
  5. Me too. A cold, windy and dangerous environment to be working in. And I wouldn't like to be on the ground when he fell off, along with bits of aircraft.

    Seriously, the investigation/technical report will make interesting reading. As for the engineer, he/she if responsible will by now be an ex engineer.
  6. I just can't really see a problem, what am i looking at? 8O
  7. Since when did crab air operate light blue airliners? :D
  8. Just what I was thinking. And who took the pic, and with what? RAF movers take every metallic* from you before you go near an A/C. :D

    I can't imagine the loadies being too chuffed with all these cameras going off left, right and centre.

    *Including toenail clippers! :evil:
  9. ok mighty some of us aviation orientated buffs might have noticed that but atleast amuse those that are'nt :lol:
  10. We were on a CrabAir Lancaster or something last year in the States, and it fell four thousand feet in 'clear air turbulence'. We had to make an emergency landing at Nowhere, Idaho so the grease monkeys could check it out. It seems the tail plane bolts had sheared, and the entire thing nearly fell off!
  11. In fact, I have another Crab Tall Story (as we are on to them!)

    I was lucky enough to get a ride in a Tornado. We did the 'make the Pongo sick' routine for about 45 minutes, then went to meet a tanker aircraft over the North Sea. The pilot says to me "Keep an eye out, will you, it's around here somewhere". 8O I see a vapour trail, and we went to have a look, but no, it's a civvy airliner. A few minutes later and we see another one, this time the Tristar. We flew up, 'tanked' (as they say in the parlance) and watched the fat pilot eat his horror box.

    Never did find out what would have happened if we couldn't find the tanker. :(
  12. More than likely ran out of fuel and fallen out of the sky.
  13. Ah yes - the old 'wind the Pongo up' routine. :lol:
  14. Those little latches on the bottom of the cowlings, I knew they were on there for a reason..... :roll: