Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Nov 26, 2003.

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  1. Report published on findings of Heli crash from March 2002 in Armagh.

    The report recommended improvements to the engine control system, installation of windsocks at landing sites in south Armagh and a better system of restraining passengers.

    What about better pilots??
  2. I was involved in dealing with the injured from this accident.

    One problem was that the injured were taken initially to inappropriate hospitals.

    British military helicopter pilots are generally excellent, irrespective of service, and particularly since they are usually flying old aircraft. Any job which involves making split-second decisions carries the possibility of a disaster, so we should perhaps not sit too harshly in judgment.
  3. Babiesarm said
    why ask that question? was the pilots in anyway to blame? nothing mentioned that I see, that had anything to blame the pilots for. Virobono said it
  4. Why do you think that air accidents always get mass coverage?

    Because they happen that infrequently, thats why. The people maintaining and flying our aircraft are doing an excellent job. And it really pisses us off when as soon as something happens, fingers start getting pointed.

    What is the road safety record in your particular regiments? I bet the MTO has a large file he'd rather not look inside.

    Try to realise the enormous amount of flying hours that are logged without incident, before you go "sh*t" pilots" or "sh*t techs" when you get a whiff of an air accident.
  5. "Technical failure has been ruled out as the cause of a Royal Air Force helicopter crash in south Armagh"

    padhadh, the above quote is taken from the BBC web site and appears to suggests that it was down to pilot error.

    All replies read, some points taken others ignored.

    Still not a fan of Crab Air. :D

  6. I'm sure CAS will value the opinion of the self-loading cargo :D

    But seriously - 'pilot error' doesn't necessarily mean that the pilot knowingly did something wrong, which is how it's often interpreted. I'm certain that the aircrew concerned accept full reponsibility for what happened, and will have to live with it, like the crew of HMS Nottingham, and the Brit army guys responsible for the (thankfully few) blue-on-blue incidents on Telic.

    The RAF have an outsanding safety record, as do the AAC and FAA, but no-one can guarantee that there will never be crashes. If they could, they could apply it to young soldiers who drive cars and ride motorcycles, the cause of many more fatalities and injuries than aircraft.
  7. shame why ruin with the truth th chance to have a pop at the semi civillian flying club. Personally I always found saying in a lound voice you know all the helicopter pilots are failed fighter pilots worked a treat :twisted: