Mike 2817,
Why don't you read the thread!!! Here's a few reasons:

a. Leeming is a fighter base and won't have the crash cat cover (ie the numbers of fire trucks to cater for a large jet crashing with a frew hundred pax).

b. It has limited taxiway/dispersals suitable for a large jet.

c. It won't have the movements GSE required to unload a large aircraft.

d. The extra flying hours is from Brize/Lyneham. By landing elsewhere, you run the risk of delays to the wider AT plot if a jet goes u/s. Even if it doesn't go u/s, it will delay the aircraft being turned for the next task. The extra landings also adds fatigue hrs to knackered jets.

For 280,000 quid a pop I'd hope it does have air con, a fancy paintjob and blaupunkt stereo. Otherwise sure it is a great 8,960,000 quid well spent. I dont know how the Crabs managed to move their aircraft before?? Oh, wait yeah.
Ok, on second thoughts they can have the new toys if they absolutely guarantee no more delayed/cancelled R&R flights from now on. That would be worth 9million :D

Other than that, this is the dullest thread I have had the mispleasure to read all the way through. I was hoping for some comedy photoshop effort, or witty jibe about Crabs using tractors to build a new swimming pool or something better. But nada, nichts, rien. Just spotter tech talk. The RAF have bought them, they dont need your input. Move on. I'm dizzy from all the gayness.
Mike_2817 said:
WC, Whats wrong with using say RAF Leeming for Northern Trooping Flights? Its only 30mins from Catterick which is one of the largest garrisons in the UK! Surly it already has ground staff? Whats the extra flying time anyway?
I was under the impression the teesside airport was utilised for this purpose? For BAS flights anyway.
And as a crab, this is a fcukin dull thread, mods PLEASE lock this thread and send to the hole!!!!!!!!!!!
Legs said:
That's one hell of a Roundel painted on this tractor. Is it just in case they forget who owns it?
Woooo...copyright infringement!!!! I think Top shop own the roundel now. (shakes head :( ) :wink:
I would've thought that reasoned explations about one of the perrenial complaints heard about the RAF would be a suitable topic for the "serious" forum.

Perhaps some people prefer to remain angry and ignorant rather than informed but bored.
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