Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by diplomat, May 30, 2007.

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  1. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Moving heavy aircraft such as the giant Lockheed C17 Globemasters and Tristar passenger jets calls for specialist vehicles .

    The RAF has purchased 32 Large Aircraft Tow Tractors (LATTs).

    I don't dispute the need to tow large aircraft, but surely 32 Tractors is more than the number of C17 and TRISTAR in the whole fleet!

    Even allowing for some tractors to be dotted around the world, 32 seems a little excessive!!
  2. RAF Movers and groundhanders have a habit of ramming ground equipment into the sides of AT aircraft. Perhaps they're going to use some for training, and keep a stock for projected depletion.
  3. That's one hell of a Roundel painted on this tractor. Is it just in case they forget who owns it?

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  4. If you take the trouble to read it properly it say's "C17 Globemasters and Tristar"

    Now add them up.
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    32 is nothing, they're not all going to be in the same place. Lets say a minimum of 3 per airfield thats 10 airfields (do we have that many?).
  6. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer


    C17 Globemaster - 4 In Service (One more to be added in 2008)

    Lockheed Tristar - 9 In Service

    TOTAL = 13

    Your point grumpyoldb?
  7. Do these tractors replace the RAF Regiment?

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  8. off topic but i don't really care, is it just me or does that dark skinned chap in middle of pic wearing tie and crossing his legs look awfully camp along with his chum to the left?
  9. The article actually says 'aircraft such as the C-17 and Tristar'. Any of our multi types need a beast such as this so it'll be used for the following:
    -E-3D AWACS.
    -Nimrod R1/MR2/MRA4.

    I can't be bothered to look up the numbers but that's quite a few aeroplanes which are all deployed to bases numerous right now.

  10. The_Majors_Son, yes, looks extremely camp now you mention it - we're you looking out for camp appearances? 8O
  11. Reading is fun:

    You see, Lofty, there's not much point in loading up a transport aircraft full of kit only to have it land in the same place it took off. :wink:

    The money saved in fuel costs can be considerable. I think Timmy consumes around 1-1.5 lbs of AVTUR per second when it's taxying. The airlines are going the same way and using tugs instead of moving tha a/c under its own power. A 744 at a busy airport can easily get through 5,000lbs of fuel just between the gate and the runway.
  12. when taking the '32' units, do we need to take in the governments usual procurement practices? It will initally say we are getting x units, then, that number is cut by 40% due to additional capability of these new [insert whatever item], they then actually buy 50% of that reduced number.

    If they have actually bought 32, without going through this process, (as type 45, the new subs, helicopters, nimrod .......) then I am sure someone will be in trouble.

  13. He appears to be wearing a brassard on his right sleeve- which would make him a Spacey.
  14. A Brassard , and unless that's the old Space Cadet working dress (Dark Blue ghastly shirt) then that appears to be a ToW between the Spaceys and the Puddle Pirates.

    I hope the Spaceys won.
  15. A quick check of facts suggests we have the following approximate numbers of aircraft in service (or about to enter service) which require such a tug:

    9 x Tristar.
    4 x C-17 (including additional jet to be delivered 2010ish).
    15 x VC10.
    55 x C-130J/K.
    7 x E-3D.
    18 x Nimrod R1/MR2 (15 ish MR2 to be replaced by 12 ish MRA4 from 2010).
    5 x Sentinel.

    I also forgot the 3 BAe146.

    By my reckoning that's 106 aircraft.

    Typically, maintenance and other factors reduce the numbers available for tasking by around 40% (although aircraft being serviced will often need to be towed). So lets say we have around 50 large aircraft. The above types are based at a total of 5 MOBs (Brize, Lyneham, Waddington, Kinloss and Northolt) and routinely use several other FOBs (Cyprus, Gib, Falklands, Ascension, Al Udeid).

    I'd say 32 tugs is fairly modest.