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One of my old Squadron Pilots,Sqn Ldr Simon 'Budgie' Burgess, was killed a few years ago.His Hawk from RAF Valley augered in when the control columb became disconnected from the flying controls on take off.He ejected into the ground when the plane flipped over.It had just came out of maintainance the night before.A re-used split pin is thought to be the cause.
RIP Budgie
Unfortunately it has been proven regularly that in a contest between a plane and the ground the ground wins.

Was he on his mobile phone at the time? Or was he too busy waving to his wooly girlfriend below to concentrate on where he was flying?

(and a speedy recovery)

(Spike, remember hearing about Sqn Ldr Burgess, my sympathies to you and his friends)
The saddest aspect of Simon Burgess' death was the fact that he'd survived being shot down and incarcerated at Saddam's pleasure whilst a young Tornado GR1 pilot in GW1. To then subsequently be killed due to a civilian contractor's enginering error was a tragic irony.

/\ Did anyone get prosecuted over his death? Surely a fatal error like that should be punished?
Yet another member of the Martin Baker ejectee club. His tie will be in the post!!

Martin Baker..........

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