Well done to all those mentioned on the CRAB 1 list, :D esp you, the land rover enthusiast who claims to work (!?) in ops in 'What a sham' - we all know aviators can plan the next 8 hours sleep!
Also to a good mate of mine who I thought wouldn't be in the Corps long enough to grab one, and has obviously cuffed the whole EO issue - sh8 never sticks to you does it...
Munster will be an awesome posting, esp once the Bde has gone; expect visitors.
Nice one guys.. :)

Anyone notice the plethora of LEs on there too? Well done the 9! Only 5 selected last year and the Brigadier obviously didn't like one as only 4 got jobs. They are starting to return to the jobs they used to do like RE and RA, leaving the BGs for the DEs. :wink:

Semper paratus and all that guff

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