cr2 regiments?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by matty198622, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. which are the 5 regiments that are equipped with the challenger 2 tanks?
  2. 2RTR




  3. thanks mate
  4. as a stupid infanteer, do your Regiments rotate through Challenger/ recce, or are you permanantly fixed in role.
  5. Normally fixed, however it has been known for units to re-role
  6. 1 RTR has a sqn of main battle tanks aswell or do you have to go NBC?
  7. Current 1 RTR policy is for new recruits to be sent to A Sqn in Warminster for approx 2 years then they go to the Joint CBRN Regt. Opportunities to serve on CR2 in Warminster open up again as an individual gains promotion. Attachment to 2 RTR is also used to maintain MBT skills.
  8. well im going 2RTR in about march april 08 in phase one now
  9. Have fun when you get there as u will prob move back to the Uk pretty soon.
  10. yer i think ill be going straight to Tidworth according to the recruiting team that visits us in Harrogate every now and then.
  11. Max black, beast this fella when he tips up, for suggesting very strongly that he supports Leics City, saddo :plotting:
  12. Can 2RTR also attach to CBRN?
  13. Yes they can and do.
  14. QRL for example
  15. Or Squadrons to re-role.