CR2 dimentions?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Mister_Jones, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Can you help i want to know the dimentions of a CR2 tog sight, and height and width too if possible.

    Also how is the sight protected? and what would penatrate any protection there might be.

    is this a OPSEC issue? if so please PM me.

    The reason im asking is that i recently undertook a course that kept on about snipers destroying crew served optics, and after thinking about i want to compare my ESA on a TOG sight to see if it is pratical.

    Now im sure it cant be any bigger than 50cm wide by 100cm, so i guessing to hit it first time i would have to be 300m away or closer to hit it, asumeing its static.

    Are there counter measures in place to ensure the tog can not be destroyed by SA?

    cheers, from a bored crunchie.
  2. You are right; to answer this questions would be a breach of OPSEC, (either by PM or in open forum). If you don't know the answer to this (or cannot readily find out by examining a CR2) you obviously don't need to know and therefore should not be told. Publishing the details of equipment, that could be used by an enemy, potentially puts our troops in danger.
  3. roger that, point taken.

    do you have details of T series tanks, same questions?

  4. So the scenario is, you want to 'have a go' at a CR2 looking down the main axis of its THERMAL imaging system at 3-500m(1), so you can poke it in the eye while the other tanks in the troop are presumably washing their smalls, checking the stock-market etc? Good luck with that.

    (1)A system, and this was CR1, enabled the crew to 'watch field mice fcuking' at a range considerably greater than that.
  5. no ******** the queston was is it feasible!!

    and some expert advice would have been a useful to disprove what is being taught, however it seems you just want to play rommel, stick your binos away and answer the fcukin queston, can it be done, yes or no???

    and do mice wear thermal sheets??


  6. The what???????
  7. Rules for dealing with tanks:

    1. If it ain't bothering you, don't bother it.

    2. If in doubt, see rule 1.
  8. :lol:
    ....... not when they're fcuking.