Discussion in 'Officers' started by demarcation, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. I hear of a website out there that has access to hundreds of old ACR's that suit each grading of every rank - where is it please?
  2. Glad your are not writing mine. The answer to grading is down to the capability of the individual but you obviously can't be fckuing arrsed.
  3. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    demarcation, either you are MS trying to do some (not-so) undercover investigative work,

    or you're an arrse....!
  4. Lazy g*t. Write them yourself, your soldiers deserve that little bit of your time following a year of effort.
  5. Tell me this is..................

    1. A wind up.
    2. Someone trying to find and close this site.
    3. Not the case of someone trying to short-cut a potentially career altering report in the life of a soldier / NCO.
  6. Why not go the whole hog and start each one with "Cpl xxxxx works well in lightweight trousers" or similar.
  7. Leadership of soldiers under arduous conditions is a privilege, but it comes with a responsibility.

    If you ensure that the only thing you get right is well crafted and thoughtful CRs then your soldiers will forgive your multitudinous sins, and more often than not dig you out of the s**t when you least expect it. The soldier has to be able to read the CR and know you have got him to a tea. He puts a huge amount of trust in you to look after his welfare and career. The corollary of this is that you put your trust in him to perform when the chips are down. If you understand what makes him tick and make the effort to write effectively on him you can reasonably expect him to dig out blind.

    Ever considered a career in civvy HR...'cos that's how they do it there. Not like that is the modern Army, unless of course you like representing yourself at an ECAB level redress (normally held in the cosy confines of ACGS or CinC LAND's office). Don't expect coffee to be served.
  8. I've always counselled that mastering CRs (soon to be SJAR) is mastering in-barracks leadership and management. An officer who keeps his subordinates ARs always in mind will ensure that everyone gets a moment in the spotlight, to do a course, run an event and demonstrate his/her physical fitness.

    That way, not only does the officer have something constructive to say on everyone, but the soldiers know what the judgment is based on. Also, it means that the "stars" don't get lumbered with all the work.

    As an Adjt, when I ID'd OCs writing templated CRs they got one warning before it went to the CO. He didn't have a sense of humour when it came to officers not doing the right thing by the blokes.

  9. wheres demarcation i want his response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I agree with IdleAdjt. The bottom line is to know your soldiers, that way they will get the CR they deserve. I keep a diary and refer to it when writing their reports.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    He seems to have gone VERY VERY quiet.............!!
  12. He probably couldn't be arsed typing anything................again.
    Lazy cnut.
  13. what a load of Rubbish! I find it very helpful to refer to previous CRs when writing new ones. It can give you a pointer in the right direction, and with each arm having their own peculiarities it would help no end seeing a selection of examples from the subjects own arm. Anybody can knock up a CR but with the intricacies and differences in CRs for each rank and trade you would be stupid to go in blind. You bunch of Self-righteous fools. Well done demarcation- but I don't know whether the website you are after exists.
  14. Well, asr1, if an officer isn't aware of the "intricacies and differences in CRs for each rank and trade" then he/she shouldn't be writing the AR.

    And there's a world of difference between "referring to previous CRs" and just churning out worthless templates.