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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Muckster, Dec 2, 2003.

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  1. Now the festive season is here again, it's time for Santa to bring us our CR's. After just a 'few' years in the RAMC and serving in a 'couple' of units I have definitely noticed that there is a great disparity in the way that they are written, can anyone in the know answer the following:

    Does MCM take into account what are obviously weaknesses of the reporting officers when compiling a CR?

    Do they investigate possible conflicts between the subject soldier and the reporting officers?

    For example, one Major I know (TFI) refused to give anyone an A grading no matter of ability, while the rest of the AMS routinely dish out A's. Does that not put some people in an unfair disadvantage.
  2. Happens everywhere. If your face doesn't fit you have had it. Sorry, but thats the truth.
  3. This is a real problem, discrepancies can be noted between, TFI officers who have no knowledge of the the corps and what is expected from the individual within the corps.
    our own officers who are commissioned from the ranks and who have an excellent understanding of both the corps and what is expected of individuals within the corps.
    And then the PQO's who are a mix of both depending on length of service.

    A bit of a cluster fcuk if you ask me. :twisted: :twisted: 8)
  4. All CR's go through a unit level paperboard & are graded by half dozen seniors on the write up.

    Through this process ranked groups are split in to 3. Top, middle & bottom.

    Your CO should then add this ranking to your CR, i.e. this SNCO is in the middle third of all SNCO in my unit.

    If the write up on the CR is good but the grading is below par then this should be rectified through the paperboard.

    I believe & someone please correct me if I’m wrong, all CR's go MCM Div, but only the top third go to board.

    I’ve done a couple of these now & it’s surprising how well it works.
  5. Grades do not count for much - it is the pen picture that counts. CRs are looked at in a file so any conflict should be noticed if the report is unusul. If you have a conflict with your reporting officer then redress the CR if it ain't right!
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I have never known a redress to have any positive results- they are so tied up with their own red tape they rarely if at all have any bearing on the complaint.

    CRs, I believe are in the lap of the reporting officer and those on the actual board. If your face fits you are quids in.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I have never seen unit level boards done, but then I was only a RQMS.

    Plus when I was a Troop SSgt, advising OC's on their Part One, the individual still got promoted who was no where near ready.

    But as posted about the board, if there is 90 vacancies and only 70 recommended then guess what?
  8. I am also in the RAMC and have had to take the rough with the smooth with the Annual AMS Lottery like many of my colleagues before me.

    I have been promoted on a "C" Grade (Pte - LCpl) and on a "B" Grade (Sgt - SSgt). The last "B" Grade was awarded by my OC who insisted that RAMC soldiers are constantly overgraded and the Promotion Board judge soldiers on their write-up. I am sure all soldiers reports are judged individually, however 3 years with a Teeth Arms unit and working my guts out I attained 3 well deserved "B" grades and fantastic "Pen Pics" Unfortunately these are of little value on the board when compared with a soldier sat on their laurels for 12 months in a Med Regt who attains an "O" Grade.

    Amusingly at an AMS "Road show" one of my CR's was used as an example of a low grading and a "Outstanding" write up, they also informed that this CR was dismissed from the board as it could not be accepted as a true report as the write up and grade were at different levels. Personally I believe that the grades still play a big part and as long as they can be awarded without justification the situation will not improve.

    This is an excellent question but unfortunately I personally believe that the truth is not welcoming. I and many of my colleagues have had postings where through one reason or another there has been a personality clash with the reporting officer. Unfortunately if this happens from my experience within the RAMC you are totally snookered! You can redress all you like but I guarantee all your efforts will be fruitless.

    At an AMS "Road show" this problem was discussed at length, AMS Manning & Records acknowledged that this was a problem but are striving to compare all reports with previous reporting officers to ensure no soldier is disadvantaged because of 1 individual. Unfortunately I see this happening more frequently amongst my peers.

    My advice to all is keep your Reporting Officer sweet even if they are a useless git, keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Make sure you stand out from the crowd...

    My OC once said to me, "I have 100 class 1 soldiers to write annual reports on, all are of a high standard. What do I write about each one at the end of the reporting year?"

    Put yourself in the OC's shoes and Do! Something about it. And you won't go far wrong.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Top post, soxmis.

    The points raised should help the new and uninitiated to the way the AMS works. Plus now you have to contend with the plethra of TFI's who, quite rightly, say we overgrade within the AMS. They also come from a world were a B- Grade is looked upon as what it is-very good. I saw in the Infantry Bn I was attached to, Cpl/ Sgt's well chuffed with their B-Grade. Only the truely outstanding should get the "O" and be channelled off to RMAS as soon a posibble!

    Maybe we have been spoilt by years of overgrading, which MCM have 'cleverly' spotted, but done nothing about.

    Also I agree with the redress statement- don't bother, you will miss the board anyway, plus revenge will befall you next CR, especially if you have the same reporting officer!

    Plus if you are going to 16 CSMR- make sure you get your BBC to expect anything over a B!
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Be interesting to read MCM Div man, Karabinier's next posts!
  11. have heard along the grapevine that the grading system is going to be changed next year in line with the ojars for officers with means that the top grade you could possibly expect is a 'B' the only thing is i bet i takes a number of years to get this point through to the reporting officers so while some units are still giving the A's and O's others will be getting the lower grades i wonder how MCM Div will cope with the period of change :lol:
  12. Wise words. Remember life is a competition and if you want to get on - you have to do better than your peers - sad but there it is. Give your reporting offr plenty to write about - tangible achievements, do you give him solutions or just problems, what initiative have you shown etc etc ?

    Offrs have been used to the OJAR for a couple of years now so I think you find that reporting offrs will have little difficulty in getting the grade right.
  13. I can forsee no change in the problems we have now, all that will happen is that everyone will get B's instead of A's, we, but then again the grades aren''t really the problem, the fact is we need to create a level playing field when it comes to Pen Pictures and the caliber of the person writing it.

    As for taking action to enhance your own Cr, I have found that you would probably have to work ten times as hard to get level with an arrse kisser, too many blue-eyed boys being promoted for all the wrong reasons...

    I don;t sound TOO bitter do I? :twisted:
  14. deleted
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    So MCM do know Major Snooks B-Grade is the same as Major Smiths O-Grade. How fortunate.