Depends on the Rank of the person the CR is being written for. They are staggered throughout the year


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WO1 & WO2: 31 Aug
SSgt: 30 Nov
Sgt: 31 Jan
Cpl: 31 March
LCpl & Pte: 31 May
Go on ArmyNet and look under the Career Section for your Cap Badge and you should find the details there
It would be fair then to assume that the report they signed in Jan 2008 for the year 2007 wouldn't even have been anywhere near a board. Getting the runaround from my unit but dont want to step on anyones toes until I have all the facts.

Many thanks


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Check PM's
You would also need to check your 'assignment order', is youe next CR recommended a delayed one? How long has the individual been 'Substantive?' this may be a 6 months in rank CR. As you can see, these are but a few reasons why it may not go in time for the board.

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