cr representations

Does anyone have any experience putting in representation against a cr ?

My main query is, does it negatively affect your prospects to be seen as a complainer?
You mean re-dress? It depends on the circumstances. If you have a genuine reason to put in a re-dress then go for it. If you are whining because you have been passed over then move on
Been there and done it.

To redress a CR the points that you are redressing have to be; Factualy incorrect. So if your OC / Pl Comd has basicly written between the lines that he thinks that your'e a cnut, that isn't a fact, it's an opinion, so it would be almost impossible to have it changed.

The redress process takes you up through the chain of command, but if you're a Senior, it'll probably start with you paying the RSM a visit first.

So you are basicly redressing (making a complaint) to the people who probably wrote it. 'Winner'.....!

Have a long think about it first. Cause if you get laughed out of court, your cards are marked for life as a trouble maker. Sometimes it's better to just take it on the chin.

Whatever path you choose, good luck
I wouldn't bother! I did this back in 1994 as a SSgt, having spent 2.5 years in NI. I did not get along with the OC and after a couple of months in XMG on a huge construction task was rewarded on posting with a B grade CR. I was fcuking furious and told the OC exactly what I thought of him. Not a good idea as he took it to the CO and even threatened disciplinary action. This didn't happen but the CO backed him in part 2. On arrival at my new unit I proceeded with a representation which took some time. Those in my old unit who agreed that I had a case prior to departure suddenly turned jellyfish and failed to provide the promised written support. This included my Tp Comd and the SSM whom I had thought of as a good friend; guess they had their own careers to think about. I pushed the representaion up to GoC but to no avail as the standard response quoted from the bible is that a B grade is actually very good (even though we all know it's sh!te). I dropped the whole thing but only after having done my QMSI's course and getting a glowing report that consequently reached records before my CR (delayed through representation but unsigned). The course report ensured that I was eventually promoted WO2 but disappointing considering that, had I not got that B, my career should have ended with WO1 rank.

BTW I have since met that OC at a veterans w/e where he was distinguished enough to be a Brigadier. as it was in the Sgts Mess, I again, this time very drunkenly, told him in no uncertain terms that he was wrong in giving me that grade report; that he had let personal feelings overide his professionalism. And the cnut agreed :x
When it comes to Seniors CR's, the unit grading board dictates who will get the best grades. And competance and ability very rarely come into it.

O Grade - Golden Balls, can do no wrong, but if ever trusted to lead men, can do no right. Fcuks up everything, and is only paraded out when a visiting Brigadier or General is in camp, to get some "Face Time"!

A Grade - Probably done all the hard work that Golden Balls got written up for. But is way to honest a man to go ******* to his boss.

B Grade - Sorted out the mess left behind by O-Grade man, and is generally a hard working back ground man. One of those types that you want with you when the shitt hits the fan.

It's a minefield buddy, and as someone once said to me when I was a young 18 year old,
'It doesn't matter how hard you work, or how good you are at your job, as you can never compete with a favourite'.

And no, I'm not bitter.

'The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it'.
I think that there has been some scope for confusion. There is a distinct difference between redress and representation.

In simple terms, as has already been mentioned, redress is essentially a complaint made against something that is factually incorrect and the redress itself is the correcting action you want taken. A representation is a comment made by yourself against the contents of the CR - specifically disagreeing with the Reporting Officer's opinion - but (and the key point is) you are not requesting anything to be done/changed.

E.g. If someone's said in your CR you're an unmotivated, lazy git and what you ACTUALLY did was volunteered to go on tour, run the bar, become a saint'd have a good case for redress and getting the CR changed. If the boss thinks you are a 'good' soldier but you think you're the dog's nads, unless you can prove otherwise, a representation stating you think the RO isn't being fair would be the best way to go.

Hope that was helpful - I had to make a representation recently so I spent a fair bit of time (feels like years) looking up the AGAIs and QRs.

As to whether or not you look like a complainer, that depends entirely on your CoC.

Some lads I know have been marked as whingers, others have been positively told

"In a way, it is a good thing you brought this up. Better some temporary awkwardness than a career foul later. This in no way will reflect on you poorly" - and, true to their word, it wasn't.

Remember, 1st and 2nd ROs don't always have the same feelings and certainly don't always 'confer' with each other before writing their bit!
I had a CR written a few years ago and at Part A the RAO (carpet munching bitch) basically said I wasn't ready for promotion to SSgt and slagged me off. I complained and told her she was bang out of order and I would seek redress on the matter. She didn't really care as she was soon to be posted. My complaint reached the ears of the Adjt and then obviously the CO. One Friday evening when leaving work the CO collared me in the corridor of BHQ and told me to wait out on the redress until I had seen his comments. The following week I was called into the CO's office to sign Part 2 and found that he had red penned a lot of what she had written and then stated that he did not agree with anything the 1st RO had written. Result! I then came off the promotion board, even bigger result!
This talk of re-dressing a CR is a moot point now that everyone should be using JPA SJAR's. The beauty of the SJAR is that the individual being reported on can comment on each Reporting Officers write up. If you have a comment, the SJAR goes back to the Reporting Officer for their consideration.
The subject can only comment on the 1ROs write up. After that the subject does not see the report again until it is finished, unless any of the ROs make "significant changes" to what has gone before in which case he/she needs to inform the subject of this and insert the date the subject is informed.

I shredded my last CR.
Done the redress thing and was successful in getting it changed from B-P to A-Y (my 7th O/A-Y in a row), but to be honest it made no difference.

Get yourself an advising officer (one not in the reporting chain) and they are to advise you and help you put your redress together. The next bit is the best, it goes to the officer in the chain above the one who you disagree with and mine happened to be one of 3 Cols in our Corps. In my case he was down the very next day to chat with me, then explode on my OC. 2 days later brand new CR. All squared within a week.

The word does go around the officers mess when you highlight that your OC was a lying cock, especially in small Corps, so anyone going on to the board are talking about it before they get there.

Would I do it again - absolutely. I corrected a wrong and felt fantastic after I had my interview with the OC for my new CR:

OC - 'You'll come off the board with that Mr F'

Me - 'Sir, both you and I know that is rediculous. I am too close the finishing the 22'

OC - "What? So why all this nonsence over your ACR?'

Me - 'Cos it was a bag of bollox . . . . Sir'
The_Snail said:
I shredded my last CR.
Why. Was it writtten on bog paper? Or was the fact if you wiped your arrse with it, you would have more poo come off it?

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