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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by afs2006, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to re post this but I can't find the other post :?

    I have recently had my CR and I need some advice.

    In a nutshell, I have been graded “N” as not ready for promotion. When I originally had my interview with the first reporting officer, I had an A grade recommendation. Unfortunately, this was an informal chat and I didn’t see the CR with this grade on. I received thanks for continuing to carry out my job to such a high standard although downgraded with a serious illness.

    After the commanding officer had his say, may grade had been reduced to a B and N. The third reporting officer endorsed this but after voicing my disapproval, he advised to get myself a solicitor. He then went on to explain that the grade is due to the fact that I am non-deployable.

    The fact that I am non-deployable (due to illness!), in my opinion, should be irrelevant. I was under the impression that the CR is a report on performance in the last 12 months. So what exactly does the fact that I can’t deploy have to do with my performance in a year that has not involved any travel? After chatting with several people who have read the CR, I have a case for a redress.

    What I want off you lot if possible is links to relevant publications for criteria for promotion, non FE courses for promotion and anything else that may help here.

    All advice is appreciated. (Not sure if it makes a difference to relevant publication but I'm REME)
  2. Did you have a mid year appraisal? This will be very important to your redress.
  3. Just ask how a female who has been on the Y list for 10 months of the reporting period due to having a baby can get selected for promotion (positive discrimination even when not working) when you can't due to illness (although still working) I would say discrimination.
  4. The mid year appraisal was good! It hasn't been logged on the CR though.
  5. You must remember that one of the other functions of the CR is to recommend what potential future employment and rank you could achieve. That's probably the angle your RO is aiming at. It's not ideal and it's not always fair but unfortunately, thats how the 'system' works. Your illness is probably not your fault and you feel you are being penalised despite being fully able to carry out your current job.

    The trouble is, your CoC may wish to promote or give the chance of promotion to someone who can fulfill a deployment and therefore be of more use to the system. Probably not what you want to hear but thems the facts I'm afraid.

    Stick a redress in. You never know.
  6. A downgrade with a reversable medical condition is not grounds for discrimination against promotion. On this fact alone you will have grounds for a redress.

    A case for Baff methinks?
  7. What/Who is Baff? :oops:
  8. [​IMG]

    Click the banner for enlightenment! :D
  9. Any idea where I can access Corps instructions etc?
  10. What corps
  11. You need to read management and resolution of complaints AGAI 70 May 02 which should be available in your admin office.

    Be aware once you submit a formal complaint, your chain of command will lie, cheat and character assassinate you.
  12. that's an outrageous thing to say.

    completely correct though :)
  13. Yes, you need to consult AGAI 70 but the version published in September 2006; see particularly Annexe E Formal Complaints Against Confidential Reports.

    I would also recommend consulting The Royal British Legion - I think there is a link on the Charities and Welfare Forum sponsorship box in the forums index.
  14. just out of interest weissbier, why do you recommend contacting the RBL about a redress? do they give assistance or something?