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I have recently been on a med board and will have another one shortly. My illness means that I miss a lot of work and my commanding officer thinks that I should have been MD'd on the first med board and not have to go back.

It's CR time now and the Tech called me up on Monday for a chat prior to the commanding officer doing his bit. Yesterday, he called me up again to sign the official CR and the grading had been changed from an A-Y to a B-N. The Tech had changed his write up and the CO's was total tonk. "******* has reached his ceiling" Due to his illness blah blah blah.

I'm not happy about this at all and if I do not get MD'd I reckon this will leave me with no chance of promotion and ultimately, a bigger pension.

Any advice on a redress etc.?
Do you honestly believe you can compete for promotion? Will you be able to do the job if you are promoted? If you can honestly answer yes to both then consider complaining. If not its time to be honest with yourself.

Having said that, your grading should be on the basis of what you have done, not what you might do in the future. What was the excuse for downgrading it from A to B? Also if, as you have said, you have missed a lot of work, was the A grade ever really justified?

Is your medical condition likely ot be permanent? If so perhaps you should expend your energies in convincing the med board to do the right thing and give you a med discharge.

At the end of the day redress only if you are absolutely convinced you have a good case.

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