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On the JNCO CR there are two sections regarding promotion - 1RO recommendation and 2RO recommendation. Which one gets you to the board? If your 1RO marks you as having potential to promote but not yet but the 2RO recommends you (or vice-versa) is that enough or do both have to recommend?

This is just out of interest by the way, just something we were talking about the other day and nobody knew.

your grade (minimum of C) gets you to the board and once at the board it is the combination of the pen pictures gets you promoted if you reach the quality line.
The 2RO part is the one that has the most impact with a board. Both the 1RO and 2RO should really agree both in terms of grade and recommendation, if they don't then ask why as it may cause you problems.

If that's you Loki (from Marchwood) then I don't think you'll be troubling the board for some time yet, but it's good to be prepared!
An SJAR needs a positive recommendation for promotion before the soldier is boarded. This must be in the 2RO part and will have the box checked and within the potential box on the pen picture will be suitable recommending words. This recommendation should normally link to the 1RO comment.
A good way to look at things is: Part 1 for the soldier, Part 2 for the board. It is not a law/rule/scientific so don’t quote me, however, each board member gets between 3-5 minutes on each CR book. They should look at the last 3 reports (more if they feel the need) so they haven’t got time to look at both part in any detail and will default to the senior officer (2RO)

As has been said if there are serious differences between the 1RO & 2RO recommendations the board members will automatically wonder what the problem is
Ive sat on numerous promotion boards at MCM Div, I agree with CAARPS, sometimes you wonder if the 1RO and the 2RO are reporting on the same soldier!

Please remember that it is ultimately the pen pictures that get you promoted, the grade (recommendation) only gets you to the board, if you dont think your pen pictures say enough then make yourself heard. You sometimes see soldiers with top grades but awful pen pictures, the soldiers with average grades and good pen pictures will always be placed above them, and if there are less vacancies than there are soldiers above the quality line it goes on score order.

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