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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Unknown_Callsign, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Need some advice please guy and gals, just had by far the worst CR of my 17 year career, some things my boss wrote about should never be mentioned in a CR, whats the offical line not to sign it and have it re-dressed.
  2. Are you at 7 Signal Regiment, by any chance?
  3. Have you spoken to the boss?
  4. Yes had a doors closed chat for twenty mins and he still refused it change it.
  5. Have you had a 6 monthly appraisal which identified any supposed weaknesses in your performance? If not then your boss is on thin ice anyway.

    PM me for advice.

    (If I'm not booted off by tomorrow!)
  6. You have to sign the report: it means that you have read it, not that you agree with it.

    Then have a chat with the Chief Clerk about putting in a formal redress: he/she will have all the details about how to do it.
  7. Was there once - signed it but then spoke to the G1 gadger at Bde. They didn't want a redresses and the case was put to the 2RO. This, after all, is the important bit. All worked out well in the end.
    I'd be interested to hear the outcome.
  8. Stick to your guns, if they have mentioned specific failings, make them put it in writing giving examples with DTG of supposed failings. They have to follow the MS guide to writing CR's. You can't redress an opinion, you can however redress incorrect procedure (No 6 Monthly), incorrect facts (The b*stards lying)and improper motives (He wants to put you down to improve the chances for one of his favorites).

    If it is an unfair report, don't accept this, go all the way, and ensure that the CoC know what a C*ck your boss is. Who knows, maybe you will get justice by f*cking up HIS career!!

    Top Tip, invest in a dictaphone for future conversations.
  9. Of course, you ought to declare to the person you are recording that you are doing so, otherwise you could up in even more bother (making a recording in a military establishment where importent secrety type things are discussed etc, might work against you), and you could p*ss the 1 RO off even more and then your problems start to spiral....................
  10. Speak to the MS officer above the 1RO. At Bde this is the DCOS. Get a view from him. Then take the AR to an independent person, preferably of similar rank and ask for a view. You may need to blank out some names. Be sure of your ground before you take any drastic action. Not for nothing is the redress and the SO's statement option in the AR known as a 'suicide note'in Glasgow....

    Some ARs can be challenged, but if they can then it is best done on procedural grounds. If the procedures are wrong then the CoC will back you. If it's pure opinion then it's harder and sometimes you are better off just taking it and hoping to bury it in the future. If it is so bad that it looks out of place with 17 other ARs then you are likely to be ok in the long run.
  11. Thanks for the advice all round, this is by far the most helpful forum. Just to interest some of you the bits I'm really pi**ed off at is twice he stated " I felt that he felt ", how on earth can he write on a opinion on how I felt?, not only should it not done but he was totally wrong in his presumtion.

    Rant over
  12. Redresses procedures are available but they are very difficult to use without causing un-intended damage to your career in other ways. The best approach is always to get another person of same rank as 1RO to view it (as von-ryan suggests) and give you their honest opinion, providing you trust it, as the subject of the report you will obviously be disappointed if its not what you expected.

    If said person agrees then it makes it more likley that others in CoC will as well.

    As a generalisation most soldiers will push redress as the answer to everything, be carefull in listening to others wind you up, it doesnt always have the result you want, and if you enrage the 1RO (ego's and careers play a much greater part for some officers than you might expect) he/she may seek to "redress" the percieved slight in some other under the counter way. Just an opinion mind, hope it helps.
  13. There is another option - you can put in a letter - called something like a 'comment on CR' (speak to G1 people for the right name). Basically, you get to write a comment on your CR, this letter is then kept on file, next to the CR in question and is viewed on all promotion / posting boards along with the CR.

    It was an option I had, but didn't take, when I had some 'fun' with an old OC.

    In the end, my next CR simply destroyed the comments on the previous CR, which may be a better option for you. I was promoted on time, even though I had a shocker of a 1st CR.

    Is this your first CR in Rank?
  14. You do not have an option not to sign. By signing you are simply acknowledging what is said in the report not your agreement to it.

    Key factors to your situation are: Did you have a mid period review or any form of consultation? Was the point of concern discussed with you at any time before the report was delivered? If it was, were you given an opportunity to make amends/improve/prove your Boss wrong?

    I agree with others who have recommended the following course of action:
    1. Get the opinion of someone of equal rank to the 1st RO.
    2. Insist on an interview with the 2RO.
    If no satisfaction by that stage – 3. Request interview with your local head of Arm/Service (if 1 and 2 RO are not same cap-badge as you).
    4. Request interview with Bde/Div/Next HQ MS Rep.

    If you are still uncomfortable with what is being said (and more importantly, written) go for either a redress or exercise you right to comment. In a redress you have to justify what you want to be changed. The comment simply allows you to record your side of things. Although there may be unforeseen effects in submitting a redress it is better to act now than to wish you had later. Good luck.
  15. The procedure for redress is seriously flawed, it's the equivalent of a rapist investigating his own crime! The system is designed to protect the reporting officer. As mentioned, you can damage your career prospects by trying to save your career.

    Bear in mind if you don't redress (Or as mentioned submit a representation) this report will carrer foul you for at least 3 years. His remarks that "He felt that you felt" would in fact constitute an unfair remark and not an opinion.

    As mentioned, if you have not had your alleged failings identified to you in a six monthly appraisal (Thereby denying you the opportunity to rectify any alleged falings) Then this is also a procedural failure and you have grounds or redress.

    As for recording someones conversation, this works well with liars, it may not be strictly legal but then again neither is screwing up someones career through false statements. It can also be considered in the public interest if due process is being abused so bear that in mind.

    At the end of the day, if someone is being honest there is no need to take such drastic action. People who abuse their rank and position, cease to deserve our loyalty and are fair game as far as I'm concerned.

    Too many decent soldiers have been f*cked over by these *******. No wonder there is a retention problem.