CR name change?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. had a bit of a chat in the office today and think i need the help of the Arrse Acronym brainiacs to assist.

    obviously with the advent of the NJAR, the name CRmeansCeilingReached is going to need changing.

    question is, what should it become?


    starter for ten: NJARmeansNoJobAndRotund :D
  2. No Justification About Retention?
  3. Just think yourself lucky you don't have to do the damn thing yourself.

    (Oi! Its not NAAFI Break time yet...)
  4. No Joy After Report?
  5. dunno what you're on about, it's nearly bedtime!
  6. Name Jinxes Annual Report?

    Name Jeopardises All Results?
  7. Non Judgmental Annual Report?
  8. Non-Job At RHQ?

    (Yes CR, I appreciate that you're in a Corps)
  9. I thought it was SJAR?

    While I'm here SJAR means ShitJobAndReport? Although with the demise of CRs an SJAR might see you promoted. Stranger things have happened......
  10. No Jumping A Rank

    (I thought it was SJAR too)
  11. In which case it would be Some Joker At Records
  12. SSgt Jibes Arrse Readership
  13. Not Just A REMF
  14. SSgt Justifies A Rise
  15. SJARmeansShould've_Just_Asked__to_Resign.