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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. great big jump to the left because he is a big lad

  2. happy event

  3. tragedy

  4. big gay party on Canal Street

  5. terrific upturn for the Corps

  6. a sigh of relief for all the sheep in Brecon

  1. The purpose of this thread is to commemorate the passing of CRmeansCeilingReached.

    A much loved/loathed (delete as applicable) member of ARRSE, the British Army and humanity as a whole.

    Since his passing to the other side I have taken upon myself to create this thread so that everyone can leave their heartfelt/hatred fuelled (delete as applicable) messages.

    Please everyone a minutes silence for CR...
  2. U mean his stalking ex bum love fellow paedo finaly topped him during their latest snuff movie?

    RIP big fella.... :p
  3. Their latest snuff movie? Just how many snuff movies do you have to make before you get it right?

    Sorry, er yeah, *cough* RIP CR
  4. Well Blue, it's normally more fun snuffing others than being snuffed oneself, as it's hard to come back from the dead for another (though my CSgt at Sandbags often threatend to kill me and then revive me so he could kill me again!).
  5. His ghost lives on in several pseudo characters still posting on Arrse.

    Hats off and eyes peeled for Barbgenius.............

    Op Zanzibar must be coming to an end soon!!
  6. Shame. Oh well, its nice and quiet here without him anyway.
  7. Hey chinton is right.

    Quiet isn't the word.

    Deathlike ........ Fantastic!
  8. Time to revive the old Depeche Mode classic "Enjoy The Silence" methinks!!!!
  9. Depeche Mode????

    I bet you even went to see them in concert :)

    Anyway...Thank Feck CR has moved on!! There'll be more room for everyone else in the mess now!! what with his huge bulk and over-inflated Int Corps/Pilot ego.

  10. What's happened? The othe side? Has he gone crab or something?
  11. I cannot bring myself to say it FNUSNU. *sob*

    It's terrible, it's the 'm' word................. marriage!
  12. Oh good god, with the amount of sh!t I seem to get from the wife at the moment, I can only pray for his soul.
  13. Even though I am not Int, I think his BARBGENIUS wind up was cracking, so for me he will be sadly missed going over to the "dark side."
  14. It's worse than the Darkside.

    He's got no life....(hang on, Darksiders have no life)

    He'll never have sex again...(hang on, Darksiders don't have sex)

    He's had to lose the sense of humour...(hang on, CR never had one/Darksiders don't have one)

    Are we definitely sure that he's on to Zanzibar. He's not been turned has he? It's bad enough that he has these dream that he's a pilot and so a love god...
  15. The Big M can sneak up on the best of us so in CRs case it must have been a piece of piss.