CR cocked up yet again, where do I go from here?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by vampireuk, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. For the past two months my CR (or SJAR whatever you wish to call them these days) has been getting pissed around back and forth on jpa with it sat around in peoples ownership for weeks on end rather than sending it off. We were sent a list of people who's CR's had arrived for the board and low and behold mine is not there, this is the second year in a row my CR has not arrived. Last years was lost up in the admin office and did not arrive in time for the board last year either, however to my knowledge it was sent off when it had been found. Two weeks ago I was informed that last years CR had in fact not been sent through to records either. Assuming that nobody bothers pulling their finger out (because they have all swanned off on leave) where do I stand, apart from rather annoyed.
  2. Put in a written complaint to your Tp Sgt/SSgt/Comd or your RCMO! You should not have to suffer at the hand of fools or idiots. It's your career that is getting fouled :x :x
  3. I would also suggest you ask why your MRO has not asked why your last SJAR had not been received and this years was late 8O
  4. The terms 'misfeance in public office' (your C of C) & 'restraint of trade' (missing the board) should be mentioned in any correspondence. How would MOD feel if you failed to turn up for an operational tour?
  5. Never ceases to amaze me that people responsible for effectively managing their soldiers careers, and who have the responsiblity of writing the soldiers reports on performance are in some cases unable to do their own jobs.

    Anyone whose negligence or badness results in a career foul of one of their subordinates, should themselves be career fouled.
  6. Or themselves be fouled upon :D
  7. This could in effect cause you to be career fouled. I would personally suggest that you submit a Redress of Grievence. Your SSA/RAWO should be able to assist you.