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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Meum_Cerebrum_Nocet, May 19, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking for a little perspective, especially from some of the more experienced guys. I've just had my CR and its thrown up a bit of a dilemma.

    I've been a sub Lance Jack for 3 full years now and my latest CR has graded me B P. Not a bad CR really, similar to my previous ones, and says that I'm a good soldier, good performance and, especially, good potential but that I'm not ready for promotion. Let me qualify why I'm concerned.

    My last CR was a B Y "is ready for promotion now" (and the one before an A P) Before I arrived at my new Unit (been here 6 months) I went on tour as an A/Cpl and had a good tour, met some good people, worked hard and got a pretty good op insert "carried out the duties of a Cpl to a very high standard....should be promoted ahead of his peers...promote now". Now I know reports vary from RO to RO and Unit to Unit. I'm not trying to kick up a fuss.

    As mentioned, I've been at my new Unit 6 months and was told that I didn't require a Mid-Year Appraisal as at CR time I would only have been here 6 months. I had assumed (naively it would appear) that this was the status quo but i've been informed that MYAs are compulsory. Now I understand why! Furthermore, another lad who received his CR yesterday (similar length of service, jobs, CRs etc) had a MYA date falsely inserted on the front of his CR. He hasn't had a MYA any more than I have! A blatant lie from my WO, who no JNCOs have a particularly good relationship with. Although signed by the OC, the CRs are written by the WO as the OC, through no fault, is just too busy to get to know us and the ins and outs of our jobs. It seems MYA aren't necessary to identify and let you improve your shortcomings but the boss is happy to use a lack of one to destroy your chance of promotion this decade.

    I'm not one of these guys (I hope) that likes to cause trouble and get what I am not entitled to. If it seems as though I need to wind my neck in I will but I am raging and am seriously considering redressing this CR. As it stands, I will not be on the LCpl-Cpl board this year because of this CR, robbing me of the chance for the board to see what I have done over the last 3-4 years and the recommendations for promotion.

    Do I take it on the chin or step up? Obviously I don't want to make things awkward but I feel genuinely aggrieved.
  2. You my friend are at the start of a long hard slog. Firstly you must learn a couple of basic rules:

    Rule 1: No matter how hard you work or how good you are at your job, you can't compete with a favourite.

    Rule 2: Being good at your job is the biggest handicap that you can have. Look at it this way, given the choice of losing a dam good egg that can always be rely upon to make their boss look good, or promoting and posting a useless fool who continualy fecks up, the later nearly always wins.

    Rule 3: Your CR can only be redressed if it is 'Factually' incorrect, the rest is merely based on what the author thinks of you and is therefore not a fact.

    CR's are the biggest load of bollox ever invented, generally speaking they are full of lies, deception and adjustments of the truth.

    Don't take it to heart though. :D
  3. Not receiving an MPA is grounds for an appeal, bear in mind however that this can backfire on you.

    The fact that you were employed as a A/Cpl on an Op tour and obviously did a good job indicates your new unit is not a good unit. Both you and the other guy should appeal, especially as they have clearly placed false data on his ACR. That alone is proof positive that those writing your reports are unable to do their own jobs properly, either through incompetence, dishonesty or a combination of both.

    It never fails to amaze me the number of good soldiers being screwed over by mismanagement.

    No wonder we have a manning crisis.
  4. Sounds like your Unit is breaking rules as fast as they are making them up. You can do one of two things only:

    1. Ignore, paste up and retire to 100m.

    2. Compile as much info as you can and send it to Glasgow.

    You should know which one you should do, if you wish to be a proper NCO.
  5. Take AGAI action mate. No MYA means someones J1 is up their hoop and they should be brought to book about it. Its your career and some people may get a sh1ty on with you puting in a redress, but its your right
  6. First off have you had an interview with your OC to discuss matters? - I would say that should be your first step if things are made clear to him/her he/she may be willing to re write. You could also have a word with your RCMO who should be able to give you and maybe your OC good advice.

  7. Not receiving a MYA, means your CoC have failed to inform you of any shortcomings you may have as a soldier.

    This means YOu have been career fouled. As paywog suggests, you must speak to your OC or RCMO to get this resolved.
  8. Sorry mate but you are being far too generous to your OC (not having a pop at you)

    (My bold) Your OC should not be too busy for his men. You are (collectively) his number one and most important assets (that is not just idealism either, that is direction from the top). If he is too busy then other things should slip and he should make time to get to know his soldiers.

    It is usual (not knowing what type of unit you are in) that as a LCpl if you got a B grade your part 1 would be written by your Tp/Pltn Comd or WO and your Part 2 by your OC. If you get an A/O Pt 1 by OC & Pt 2 by CO.

    Regardless, your direct boss will probably be tasked with producing a pen picture (and signing your CR in the person consulted bit) but this does not absolve the OC of getting to know his men

    Unfortunately soldiers being posted mid confidential get penalised time and time again (not that that’s any consolation to you), units have already decide on their pecking order, allocated their grade quota and a new lad arriving finds it very hard to compete, however, you should have had an arrival interview were your seniority and past grades should have been discussed and an appraisal date set for the midpoint from your arrival to your confidential to discuss progress (lots of should’s :roll: ).

    As has been said you will find it very difficult (impossible) to redress opinion. You are a new boy being judged against established people (if you were judged at all), however you can redress not having a MYA and if someone enters a date there should be documentary evidence signed by the appraiser and yourself. I would advise that you do the following

    Speak to your WO and explain that your reports are on a downward curve, you feel that you have done enough to be recommended and that you are considering a redress about not receiving any feedback (appraisal). Make it formal, get your boss to record (write) your discussion and both sign it.

    If you are not satisfied ask for an OC’s interview and do the same as above

    Formally redress. A very big call and down to how strongly you feel about the situation, it’s your life and only you can make the decision.

    Sorry for the long winded reply, however, we need to look after our people (number 1 asset) and unfortunately the only way to achieve this sometimes is to give the C of C a kick up the Arrse :evil:

    And breath :D
  9. Thanks to all who have chipped in.

    I think that I will try the informal route, speak to those concerned and explain why I have issues with the recommendation. At the end of the day, I don't think it's unreasonable to think you have at least maintained a standard and not gone backwards, without hearing otherwise.

    If it doesn't work I suppose I'll have to redress. My WO is leaving at the end of the year, he probably couldn't give a stuff what happens to himself or anyone else at this point.

    Cheers again people. If anyone has anything to add, please do. No such thing as too much advice.
  10. If you go down AGAI 70 path you need to initiate it before 3 month's has passed since you signed the CR. Funny enough got told this today and am on that path also, since I was told if I redressed it, It would be written worse! which is now what I am redressing as well.
  11. Don't forget. Signing your CR only means that you have seen it, it doesn't mean that you agree with it; As unless you have grounds for redress, it makes no odds if you agree with it.
  12. I will be in the same sort of situation of moving to a new Unit past the mid-way point of my reporting year. MCM say ill get an insert but moving into a Unit that has just come off a tour means i wont get a look in, more than likely, on the pecking order by the OC and CO.
    My saving grace is the Unit im going to is getting a new OC the same time i get there, who has been working with me for past 2 and a bit years. Its one of those things that will happen to you in your career, you have to take it....dry! 8O
  13. Hello,

    I feel for your predicament.

    I was posted to my new unit in January last year and was supposed to receive an advanced CR in the same month. I was getting impatient a month down the line and got my new unit to chase it up. At the end of March - at normal CR time - I finally got my report. As far as I was concerned, I'd had a really good year and was expecting an excellent CR - the one I got was good, but not great. I was quite disappointed but tried to think positive as I was on my second recommend and thought I'd be OK.

    So imagine my surprise when my unit tell me to go down to the admin office to sign my CR. I told them I'd already received it and they just said there must have been a problem so I'd have to sign it again. Thing is, when I got there, this CR was different to the one I'd received a few weeks ago! This one was much better and more what I'd been expecting. I told them that I'd already had my CR and asked them if the new one would definitely be the one that sat the board and they assured me it would. Naive as I was, I believed them. I hadn't realised at the time, but when filing away my new reports I noticed that the write up by the 2RO on the first CR was the same as last years. They'd copied and paste and apparently sent it out without realising, so when I found out I hadn't come off the board, I kicked myself for rushing them to get my CR done.

    After much advice from a trusted Staffy, I consulted the RCMO to see whether or not the correct CR had sat the board. After a first interview he requested to see me again and informed me that, as I'd expected, the earlier CR had been the one that sat the board. I was told that my CR would sit on a mini-board to simulate what should have happened on the main board and that it would probably happen within the next month.

    Well six months later (two weeks ago), I was informed that I had been succesful on the miniboard that had only just sat and had come off! (That's despite being told I'd been unsuccesful by my heirarchy when I chased it up a few months ago!! But that's a different story...)

    Sorry for the long winded post, but I just wanted to get across the point that you need to look after your own career, because no one else will. I got a good result by taking action and seeing the RCMO. Talk to yours - Good luck.
  15. A lot of good stuff above, but to add one thing, it is no longer a mid year appraisal (MYA) as it is a mid period appraisal report (MPAR) this came in 2 years(ish?) ago and is not just due to the SJAR system. This means that no matter what happens you should recieve an appraisal of your performance at least a minimum of 3 months in post (if you are receiving a 6 monthly) . It sounds like you have been royally shafted!

    Best of luck.