CQMS/SQMS What does the abreviation stand for?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by kingsofleon, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Is it Company Quarter Master Store or Company Quarter Master Sergeant, boring I know but beers are on the line here
  2. Company Quarter Master Sergeant
  3. A good CQMS can sniff a brew from 2000yds!
  4. What does SQMC stand for?
  5. You cannot WAH a question!

    Think, Household Cav.
  6. Remember stores is for storing
  7. Just to confuse the issue.

    You can have an SQMS -Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant - usually a SSgt
    But Some WO2s are appointed SQMS - Staff Quarter Master Sergeant - the most senior of the WO2 appointments.
  8. Usually referred to as The Colour Boy.
  9. It can mean a lot or nothing.
    When serving as REME attached to an Armd Sqn as Sgt ECE, the Regt had a battlefield tour arranged. The SQMS designated to do the organisation had to drop out at the last minute and I stepped into the breech. No other volunteers forthcoming.
    The battlefield tour was a success, but for the rest of my time with the Sqn, the Sqn Ldr would not adress me as anything other than "Q".
    Luckily I did not get a new Tiffy, AQMS or ASM during that time, and the ones in post understood how it was meant.
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  10. iirc
  11. Or ORQMC for that matter.
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  12. Has google stopped working ?
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  14. WAH rules are simple...YOU CANNOT WAH A QUESTION!

    You're on remedial training.
  15. [wahshield]Of course you can.[/wahshield]