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1. Steal everything you can lay your hands on - don't get caught
2. Remind everyone that "Stores" is for storing not issuing
3. Make sure your OC/CSM's brews are on time and hot.

That just about covers it :)
In combat you represent your company in the battalion echelon, your main responsibility is to draw stores from battalion and get them to the Coy Sgt who is looking after the coy's combat admin.
Dave, have you tried to PM anyone? I'm sure the clerical types who are still serving could help you out. Failing that PM someone serving in the teeth arm (the German paratrooper springs to mind). As this is a Friday they will all be in their respectave mess or in a mess. Sorry I couldn't be much help, and sorry if you've already gone down this route, just a thought though.
If you can wait 'till Monday i could get an SQMS one having just moved from that job?
If you are able to get on Dii and the MOD web site you can do a search and it should come up. Im on leave at the moment or I would do it for you.
I've had a little look for you, I no longer have my old course notes. I take it you're after the IEV (or whatever it is now).
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