CQM Course

Anyone know where this is being run?

I know its intergrated into RMQ course now since April but know there is a week long one run somewhere.

Close Quarter Marksman.
If you mean what was Basic Close Combat Skills Instructor it's now called Basic Tactics Instructor and is run at Brecon by the Infantry Battle School.
Nah thats not it,this is new for ACMT using pistol and rifle on 25m ranges with rifle and pistol which all inf will have to do.
The RMQ course don't cover the full CQM Package, only a demonstration to illustrate the Range procedures and safety rules for CQM shoots.

Speak to the newly formed Operational Shooting Training Team (OSTT) based at Bisley/Pirbright. They are the SMEs for CQM. Alternativly, speak to TAG (UK), Strensall or TAG (G), Sennelager.

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