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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jack-daniels, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Sometimes when my laptop slows down to a grinding halt I notice that my CPU Usage goes up to 100%. I've checked that their are no programmes running in the background etc so what causes this and how I can I stop it?

    Is it the Webpage I'm looking at that causes it and no it's not Dutch Donkey porn either.

  2. What makes you so sure? :p
  3. If your using Vista, open your Task manager and see what programme are hungry for usage in the memory column. This will give you an indication of what programmes are running and also if you look in performance tab you will see the CPU usage, may help.

  4. I googled Dutchman and a donkey and this came up!! Nice dish dash you're wearing chum!

  5. Cheers Jim, I'm on XP and got the Task manager open, it's weird it goes up and down then freezes on 100% for some reason.
  6. Ok JD, am going to go for the old time favourite :), get the vaccum out!! No seriously, there is something wrong if it is going up and down like a yo-yo. Have you been able to determine which programme is using the cpu in that fashion?

    Although I don't have many problems with my puter if I had your problem I would check to see if it happens every time I boot up, I would then go into a labourious system of shutting down the least necessary programme and see what happens and keep this up till I had only the system programmes working, obviously once you close one of those down you system will close down and you reboot!! I am afraid it is a process of elimanation. Will try and look at other factors for you.

  7. Post your system specs on here they may be so underpowerec that 100% CPU usage is required just to run the thing.

    Also worth performing a virus scan as a virus programme will not show itself on the task manager anyway.

    Failing that pour neat petrol into the fan as some blole down the pub told me that this is a good fix.....or summit.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Go to the processes tab, click the CPU tab twice to show highest use first, you should (with all applications closed) have system idle process at 95-99%.
    Look at what processes come in highest.

    It could also be a conflict between 2 programmes.
  9. J-D,

    To expand on The Sailor's suggestion, if you Google each of the Processes you should get an idea of those that you can end. I have used http://www.processlibrary.com/ in the past.

    I am not an IT Geek, more of an enthusiastic amateur, so do not take my word as Gospel.

  10. If his PC is idling at 95-99% CPU usage then its got a hamster in a ball for a CPU ?????
  11. Are you using a single or dual core processor.
    Do you have SP2 or SP3 installed ?
    Sounds more like a memory leak to me mate.

    What internet explorer are you using ?

    Firefox or IE 7/8.
  12. Mostly likely you've run out of memory.

    If the CPU can't access enough memory to finish a task it has to shuffle all the running tasks through one at a time. It's like been stuck at the back of the queue in the cookhouse waiting for slop jockeys in the washup to get enough crockery back to the hotplate.

    tidy out 'n defrag your C drive so your virtual memory runs faster. Uninstall any unused cack - check what's under the startup menu too, close programmes you aren't using, buy some more ram.
  13. Cheers chaps will try all the above!
  14. JD, a few threads back someone was on about system useage and a link was put in about SIW (System Information For Windows), Now I am using it under Vista and it's good, a lot of information about what is happening on my laptop. I don't know if it will work under XP but here is the link again:


    There is a section under Software for Running Processes, may be of help to you.

  15. On a similar subject...

    My lappy (Dell XPS M1530) running Vista was playing really slowly recently. Only programmes open were FireFox (running through a wireless connection) and Outlook 2007. The lappy fan was on constant and the machine was hot - very hot.

    I looked at the processes tab and Firefox was running at 1.4M usage (ARRSE, RP, FACEBOOK and 2 other forums open). And another programme kept popping in and out that was something with the word 'Python' in it - and it was an exe file. So I managed to terminate it when I eventually caught it - it was dotting around all over the place.

    As soon as I killed it the fans turned off, my lappy is now only warm and FireFox is running at 865,000, and much, much faster.


    What did I turn off, and is it something that should be on?

    BTW - I have full McAfee which scans regularly, and updates very often - like just now...