Extract from RMP Journal August 2005-09-12

Between 14 – 18 March the OC CPU Major P C****s and Ops WO M L***t were tasked on a CP Advisory visit to Israel to look at the protective measures surrounding the new Palestinean President Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen). Rumour has it the task was generated directly from No 10 Downing Street following the Palestian Conference in London early March.
CPU currently has deployed CP officers in support of MOD and other Government Departments in 12 different posts ranging from South America to North Africa, the Balkans and the Middle East.
Was this a missed chance of an AD from a Glock (CP people do not have NDS)?
Also indicates what nice jobs are available for those who pass through RMP GD to CPU.
Baffled by TLAs. In my day CPU was manned by fast-moving (get over those hills ptq) but phlegmatic (sit v. quietly in that Mexe shelter) and nasally insensitive civvies who strangely came mostly from Chelsea and Hitchin.

Ohhh, you mean blokes with widgets in their ears. Good on 'em. :)

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