CPS and the Parole Service are shite: why do we have them?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dread, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. It is snowing and I am bored, so I read the online Torygraph. one story particularly raised my hackles:

    Murderous ex-boyfriend

    The subject of the ASBO is banned from a large part of the county so as to prevent him from tracking down and killing his ex-girlfriend.

    The criminal, Shazad Habib, was released last week 1/2 way through a 6 year sentence for carving up the woman's face. He tracked her down and threatened to kill her, her child and her current boyfriend.

    Now forgive me for thinking that not only has this little turd broken the terms of his licence, but has also committed the added crime of making threats to kill.

    Some questions for the lefty cnuts at the CPS and Parole Service to answer (Sven, you can reply on their behalf as you always trot out the party line):

    Why is the little shite not back in jail for the full remainder of his term?
    Why was he considered for parole when he was making threats of this nature?
    Why is he not being tried for making threats to kill?

    Only the other day a 31year old scumbag was sent down for a minimum of 35 years for burning his 16year old ex-girlfriend, her two sisters and the mothers boyfriend to death in an arson attack (the second incident in which he had killed someone: previously he had killed another ex-girlfriend in a hammer attack). He should still have been in prison, but was released 18 months earlier, less than 1/2way through the sentence he got for killing the first woman.

    Why are these people released? Why does "6 years inside" actually mean 1year in a normal prison, another 18 months in an open prison and then release into the community in under 1/2 the original term? With the murdering arsonist the parole service are claiming that they made no mistakes (despite the fact that he was breaking the terms of his license).

    Does the job interview for these posts go along these lines:

    "So Mr Dread, you want to become a Parole Board member?"
    "Yes please"

    "What do you think of prisons and prisoners?"
    "Prison is a relic of the fascist imperial past and should be scrapped. Prisoners are victims of the brutal oppression and deserve compensation and freebies for the rest of their lives for even being threatened with prison"

    "What should replace prison?"
    "The only way of treating 'offenders'(if there is such a thing, their activities being declared criminal only by the ruling elite and their response is only a natural reaction to the evil pressures of capitalism), is to send them on outreach courses in Goa, South Africa or Bermuda. People who have severe adverse reactions to the pressures of society should be given houses in the Maldives and any single European city of their choice. Free flights and safaris should be paid for out of the UKs defence budget."

    "Do you have any questions for us?"
    "Where do I make my donation to the Lairbour party and renew my membership?"
  2. Have you written to the DCA to air your concerns on sentencing? I would be interested to know what they say. The story you quote does say if he breaks the exclusion zone he will be sent back to prison.........although of course he should not be out

    The government seems to let people out of prison completely arbritarily to me - I think life should mean life, and a six year sentence for GBH should mean 6 years.

    is there anyone on the site sits on a parole board? I have no idea what their parameters are - it would be interesting to know what they have to consider when reviewing prisoners for parole.
  3. The judiciary are also to blame... he battered his previous girlfriend to death with a mallet FFS and only got done for manslaughter.

    How about this one too:

    Todays telegraph:

    doctor was in prison last night after she was convicted of pinning a heavily pregnant woman against a post with her 4x4.

    Dr May Arnaot, 50, crashed into Sarah Chambers's car then drove at her in front of her fiance as she pursued her for her insurance details.

    Jurors at Blackfriars Crown Court found the GP guilty of dangerous driving and common assault.

    The court had heard the Iraqi-born GP had shouted at Miss Chambers: "You're Tony Blair's bitch, all you white people are the same - you all vote for Tony Blair" during the assault on Aug 10 last year at a BP garage in Northumberland Heath, Kent.

    The jury heard that last January Arnaot had been sentenced to four months in jail, suspended for two years, for a racially aggravated common assault

    However, yesterday the judge said there was not enough evidence to say she was acting out of racism.
  4. You answered yourself here -

    You answered yourself here -
  5. well on the upside its likely that a number of her extended family have been topped so she is not getting off that lightly and she's spot on about Bliar.

    Shame she does not have the stones to attack No 10 rather than pregant white women
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I don't sit on a parole board, but my understanding of the sentencing guidelines is:

    Prison time served = ((Original Term - x% (good behaviour))-(time on remand)).

    Of course the Parole Board will have some input, and if, for example, a lifer had not addressed his offending behaviour then release/transfer to open conditions would not go ahead.
  7. Sentences should be mandatory, served in full with time added on for bad behaviour not time taken off for good.
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    To answer the original question, we have the CPS to ensure that all investigations are carried out rigourously and fairly, and to ensure that all prosecutions have a more than 51% chance of a conviction.

    We have a Parole Service to ensure that those prisoners released on licence abide by the terms of their licence.

    The Probation Service does the same for those sentenced to probation by a court.
  9. Not true in my experience, the CPS is an underfunded resource filled with the dregs of the legal profession unemployable elsewhere. It is highly susceptable to political pressure and social trends as relected by certain broadsheets (farringdon road)

    Parole and Probation 'services' are underfunded and disfunctional, more of a token force and absolutly no inpediment to evildoers hence Dreads original post.
  10. CPS: they don't. They go for the easy cases if possible, and they do nothing about the investigation. 51%? They refuse unless they have a "dead cert".

    Parole Service: it should, in the majority of cases it does, but in too many it doesn't. Too many crims fool them, or the Board doesn't car if they are likely to reoffend.

    Probation Service: a joke. Accepts every excuse given to it by scrotes.
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I never made any comment about the efficacy of any of the three services, merely answered the question posed.