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  1. What is the attitude of the cpls towards new recruits? have a laugh but serious, or just total evil men? if you get what i mean,

  2. id imadgen different cpls are different towards the recruits, end of the day there not there to be your mate, they are there to get you through training and pass you out
  3. During selection they were fairly cool with us but **** them around and they will land you in the shit, saying that the only people that really got some stick were the chav mongs, which in turn got us all in shit!
  4. The attitude of the staff is purly down to you, and your section/platoon/team. If you perform, don't fcuk around, do as you're told/when told then they will be fine. On the other hand, if you don't give 100%/listen/do as instructed then be prepared to be fcuked about.
  5. H3

    H3 LE

    The Attitude is all your own doing as mentioned , they're doing their job to take you from a chav to a disciplined professional soldier ...... if you don't like it well the job ain't for you !

    It's an Army :wink:
  6. If your put under pressure in training and cant handle someone shouting and pushing you around (to the exception) then when your in the the real world and your under pressure, I dont want you anywhere near me and my mates
  7. What you have to remember for any training staff is that they are usually selected based on their qualities and abilities and they are judged by the quality of the recruit that arrives at the Bttn. It's one of those instances where there is a direct correlation between how good the DS perform and the visibility of the output - everyone gets to see a crow Pte/Rfn who is a bag of crap and no DS Cpl will want to be associated with turning out crap, not if he has any career ambitions anyway. The net result is they are going to push their recruits to exceed standards, not just meet them.
  8. Well they're all different. They are humans.
    There are some right cnuts, some real hard basterwards (who generally have the most respect) and I had a lovely female cpl working with the training team who was mainly interested in welfare. She was a proper ledgend and the nicest person I've ever met, but I think she was moved shortly after we passed out.
    Do what they say without any complaint and you'll be fine. Try to have a bit of a personality -don't just be the grey man, just don't be an arrogant throbber.
    The whole idea of the training staff is to make you a great soldier and you must remember that, because whatever they tell or or whatever they do to you it'll be good for you in the end. And also, just remember it's never personal (unless your Mike Golden).
  9. I'm hoping that if I keep my head down and give 100% then I'll be okay. However, I've been told that basic training is almost like a game and the recruit never wins.

    For example, lets say that my bed is perfectly made - the Cpl may tell me it's shit and to do it again.

    I reckon, in my meek and humble opinion, he's probably just training me to accept and take orders regardless of my own knowledge or opinion.

    In a trench, he might tell me to run to my death, but if I'm not trained properly, I might say 'No, **** that! That's not a good idea!"

    I may be thinking too much into this, the Cpl may just be being a right cnut!
  10. Cheers for that expert amazing advice
  11. Not only Human, (however that'll be put to the test), but more often that not they'll have wives or husbands, a family at home, reports to write, exercises to prepare etc. They'll have pressures too outside of shouting at you. Basic Trg will be your world, to them it's a job. So sometimes put yourselves in their situation, that'll also put you in good stead for when you reach the field army too.

    It's all about team work. You do your bit and tow the line to make him look a good instructor and you'll get on, make him look a tw4t amongst his peers and Stand-by.

    As mentioned, if you fcuk up and they have to stay later, then expect Cpl Grumpy, because Cpl Nice-bloke is not there anymore.
  12. My section Cpl at Phase 1 was actually a really nice guy and we all wanted to do well so as not to let him down. And we did actually have a good section. One of the other section Corporals was a mad infanteer who beasted his section all the time and they had no choice but to try hard in fear of reprisals. Different approaches both working in different ways. Said infanteer Cpl was actually a legend and looking back on his ways they were pretty good. Unfortunately he apparently went a bit far on the halfway exercise and afterwards got moved out of the troop because of some weak fanny. We actually were quite disappointed about this and things were never the same.
  13. H3

    H3 LE

    Yep your right with that point why do you think you can win over the Training Staff , try it and see where it get's you ........ :wink: